Wise Registry Cleaner For Cleaning Windows Registry

Wise-Registry-CleanerWise Registry Cleaner Free is specialized to clean the Windows registry, it removes unnecessary registry keys. You can also backup and defrag the registry, which also would gain speed. Wise Registry Cleaner is more aggressive than CCleaner, generally it detects more registry problems. After scanning you can fix the errors, pay attention that you should repair each category, otherwise you can’t clean the entire registry. For advanced users is this useful, they can check the registry values ​​manually.

The main difference between the Free and Pro version is the optimization. The free version provides a cleaning action, but no optimization to let the computer run faster. The Free version can defragment or shrink the registry. The Pro version has also a feature on board for optimization. It can also export the found registry errors to a spreadsheet for further processing.

The same as other registry cleaning software, Wise Registry Cleaner also search for unused and old entries including file extensions, ActiveX controls, program IDs, shared DLL, fonts, help files, application paths, icons, invalid shortcuts and more. Registry Cleaner allows you to back up the registry before making changes.

Wise Registry Cleaner Free asks you during installation if you want to download and install Wise Disk Cleaner Free. There is nothing against it, in fact Wise delivers a separate disk cleaner and registry cleaner. Also the free version is trying to install ask.com toolbar including the related spyware , but fortunately you can uncheck it.

Use Wise Registry Cleaner

Registry Cleaner shows a dialog box with seven large function icons at the top, the Pro version shows nnce.

Wise Registry Cleaner

The functions are:

  • Scan – The scan will show a list of registry chapters which you can enable. By default everything is checked. Registry Cleaner presents all the problems found with a green, orange or red shield. The green shield means that the key problem may be erased, orange is uncertain and red should definitely not be deleted. By default, only all the green entries checked for repairs.
  • Backup – Here you can make a system backup before you clean the detected items.
  • Restore – Restores an earlier registry backup.
  • Fix – Choose this if it found many errors in the registry after a scan.
  • Defrag – This is more like shrinking or compacting the registry than a real defragmentation.
  • Tune-up (not Free) – This involves fine-tuning of various windows settings for accelerating the system.
  • Settings – This provides general and advanced options, plus black and white lists for the registry. You can perform a registry cleaning immediately after starting Windows.
  • Registry (not Free).

Wise Registry Cleaner offers a nice range of options for cleaning the registry, but it has not much more functionality than the free CCleaner. It’s a fast program with clear interface and is available for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Click this link for more information and download Wise Registry Cleaner.


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