Protect Your Computer With Winpatrol And Scotty The Dog

WinPatrol ScottyWinPatrol is a free program that protects your computer against a lot of trouble. Scotty the Watch Dog alerts if something happens that could indicate a virus or spyware. WinPatrol doesn’t replace your antivirus and also doesn’t make software such as Ad-Aware unnecessary, its more an addition to these programs. It scans your computer and intervenes if there are processes that indicate viruses, spyware, adware or browser hijack.

It also gives you much more control over your computer. Various program components ensure that you can see exactly what processes are running on your computer and what programs will be activated at startup. It makes you easy to turn off processes and forbid programs to start-up. This makes WinPatrol very useful against unwanted programs that have nested on your computer which can’t be removed in a normal way.

Browser protection

The program gives also an overview of the Internet Explorer plug-ins which are installed on your computer, and makes it possible ro remove it easily. This makes WinPatrol is a good protection against programs which are trying to hijack your browser. The programs can give you trouble such as: changing the home page, bookmarks and sometimes forwarding to another search site instead of retrieving Google. WinPatrol is virtual shaped by the dog Scotty the Windows Watch Dog. It alerts if a program wants to customize the browser settings and blocks them immediately.

Winpatrol startup

Limiting start-up programs

By limiting the number of programs that automatically starts, it prevents that spyware programs reactivate itself again, but it also keeps your system tray and your computer memory clean. There is an option to disable those programs or remove them completely. Don’t remove them right away, first make sure what the program is doing.

In addition has the program some features to manage cookies and files. This module is much easier than the Windows Control Panel, it indicates which program you want to use to open any file format. It has also the ability to start the files delayed at startup, these files will not run during the start-up of Windows but after. This makes the booting time of Windows much faster.

Winpatrol delayed

Besides the free version there is also a paid Plus version, which provides access to a database with extensive information about programs and processes, for example if they are safe or more malicious.




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