How To Use Windows Media Player As Alarm Clock

Windows Media playerHave you ever thought to use your computer as alarm clock? With the task scheduler in Windows you can use Windows Media Player as an alarm clock. No more excuses for being late, and no more buzzing sound from your stand alone alarm clock.

You can make a lot of things automatically with the task scheduler in Windows. This is very nice, once you set up everything you don’t have to check it anymore. Using Windows Media Player as alarm clock is very easy, you put your favorite songs in a playlist and in the morning it will play automatically.

The only thing what you need is a computer with a speaker set which is running or stand-by at night.

To open the task scheduler go to Start –>Programs and look for Task Scheduler.

open task scheduler

Once you open the Task Scheduler select Create Basic Task.

open task scheduler

In the dialog that follows, enter a name and description for the task which you like, and click on Next

basic task scheduler

Choose in the next window Daily.

daily task scheduler

After clicking Next you can fill in the expected start date, time and number of days.

Enter schedule details

The next step you have to choose an action, for example start Windows Media Player.

start program

Now the task scheduler doesn’t know yet which program to start. So click on the Browse button and navigate in the Windows Explorer window to the executable file for Windows Media Player. Normally you can find it in the folder C:\Program Files\Windows Media Player and the file name wmplayer.exe.

Once you’re done, you can fill in the arguments. In this box¬†you choose the type you want to play, there are several options:

  • If you want to wake up windows Media Player playing a playlist, type under arguments /Playlist playlist name. This should be the name of the playlist you want to play, make sure you made already a playlist with Windows Media Player.
  • Second option is playing from a DVD, the program is still the same but under arguments type /device:DVD. The same goes with Audio CD, fill under arguments /device:audio CD.
  • If you want to play only one song than you have to browse for the song and leave the other fields blank.

Start program

Enable the box Open the Properties dialog for this task when I click Finish, and click the Finish button.

Start program

The reason you should enable the Properties dialog box will be clear soon. Depending on personal preferences you should adjust some settings. For example, under the General tab, specify whether the alarm should stop regardless of whether you are logged on or not.


Under the Conditions tab you have the ability to turn some settings related to energy. Whether you’re using a laptop or not, it’s better to enable Wake the computer to run this task.


Now the computer is ready to start Windows Media Player at the specified time every day. It will play the songs only from the play list if the computer is switched on.

If you want to remove the scheduled task, open the Task Scheduler and click on the Task Scheduler Library which you can find on the left side. Choose the task from the list and hit the Delete button.


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