Windows 8 Metro-app For Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla examining the possibility of an entirely new version of Firefox to make suitable for Windows 8. Users can also use this web browser beside Internet Explorer web browser if they want to surf the Internet with the new operating system.

This is contained in the updated version of the 2012 Strategy & Roadmap from Mozilla. The test-ready version of the Metro-browser from Mozilla is scheduled for the second quarter of this year, assuming that Microsoft by that time the Consumer review organized and the required documentation before starting.

Windows 8 will have the feature of the new Metro-look and also the old, familiar Classic view. For the traditional desktop will be needed little changes. Initially, the Metro-version of Firefox will be launched as a test project. If this going to be a success, then there will be two versions of  Mozilla’s Web browser available.

Metro Firefox will be based on open source code from Gecko and will be available for full-screen and partial screen applications. Also this version will be equipped with interactive tiles, similar to the current mobile operating system Windows Phone. Windows 8 will be standard equipped with Microsoft’s new browser Internet Explorer 10. If other browser makers have similar plans, is still unknown.

New features in Metro Firefox

  • Firefox Home Tab. The new homepage of Firefox, the page you will see when you start the browser or new tab,  will provide an overview of your bookmarks, web apps (web mail, storage, photos, etc.) and institutions. Furthermore, a search box comes on Firefox homepage. There is also a marketplace for web apps.
  • Smooth scrolling. Scrolling on web pages will be completely renovated and will go much smoother.
  • Restore Firefox. In this new feature Firefox will have the option, when there are stability problems, to make a new profile and automatically import your bookmarks and passwords so you can make a fresh start.
  • Silent update. In recent versions have been prepared (such as automatically updating add ons), but in the course of 2012 Firefox will really automatically and quietly update without user intervention.
  • Faster startup. Firefox will boot much faster on Windows.
  • Integration Download Manager. The Download Manager is now a separate window. In 2012 this will change and be a panel in the main window and a part of the menu bar. So you can always overview your downloads.
The last quarter of 2012 :
  • New Firefox theme. This will five a new look for the browser.
  • Login to Firefox. This makes it possible to login Firefox and you don’t have to remember login name and passwords on several websites.
  • Install updates and plugins easier. Firefox makes it easier to install and update plugins like Flash.
  • Firefox Share. This makes it possible to share websites with friends to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.



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