Which eReader I Should Choose

You’re looking for an eReader but you don’t know which one to buy, maybe this article will help you a little. First of all, what is an eReader? An eReader is a simple device that you can read digital books. It has only a screen and few buttons. We can arrange eReader in 2 types: eReader with eink screen and with lcd screen.

Ereaders with eink screens

Ereaders with eink screens don’t give light, you can compare it with a piece of paper, you need enough good light to read, the more sunlight the better. An advantage of this reader is the low battery consumption, you can read for weeks before it needs recharging.

Ereaders with LCD screen

Ereaders with LCD screen can be compared to a regular laptop or computer. These LCD screens provide light and seems difficult to read in bright daylight. In addition, after long reading you get tired eyes. With this type of eReader you need to charge the battery again after a few hours.

So if you are reading for a couple of hours and very often, eink screen is a good advise.

Ereader formats

But this is not yet everything, now comes the question what type of format do you need?
Epub is a file format that you see a lot, many online bookstores are selling this. When you search the internet on different Newsgroups for free ebooks, Epub is a good choice. If you’re looking for books at Amazon.com and Amazon.com.uk, Epub is not very useful.

Amazon sells on their site a special eReader called Kindle. I want to tell that this reader can’t read Epub. A good advise is to buy an eReader that supports Epub, Pdf and Txt format. If necessary, there are programs which can convert some formats, for example Mobi to Epub.

Then there are more choices,  do you prefer an eReader with or without touchscreen and think about what screen format you want.

There are so many choices to choose from, but it depends on when, where and how long you use the eReader.


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