Which Browser Is The Best To Choose

With a browser you can navigate the web and allows you to show web pages. There are many web browsers in the circulation, and maybe you’re thinking what web browser to use. In Windows comes Internet Explorer as default browser but there are many more, at least you should also try some others.
The reason to choose another browser is the speed, some browsers are than faster others. The speed also depends on the computer, sometimes a browser runs fast on one computer, but slow on the other.

I made a list of browsers with the options they have, choose for yourself which browser fits you.


Windows Internet Explorer

Everybody knows it, on every Windows operation system Internet Explorer is installed. In the past it had a bad name, the reason was slow, but nowadays not anymore. The latest version is Internet Explorer 9 and everybody is satisfied and there are not many complaints. You have to update and get patches very often because this browser is the target for many hackers, malware, spyware, spam, adware, and other viruses. This browser is easy to use and not complicated.


Google Chrome

Everybody knows the Google search engine and since 2008 Google has also a browser called Chrome. Seems like in the few years Chrome exist it become  already very popular. This browser is safe and developes fast because Google has the best experts in the world. Chrome automatically installs the application GoogleUpdate.exe, which is looking frequently for updates. If there are updates it will install automatically, this is the best way to keep your browser up-to-date. Chrome is loading quickly, and has a very powerful java script interpreter. Options in Chrome is fully integrated using the “Omnibox”, Google’s name for the URLbox. there are also some disadvantages, there are still many holes in the security of the current version of Chrome and some applications are not yet working so well with Chrome.


Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has been used by many people and is a very popular web browser, it is a free browser from the Mozilla Foundation. Firefox is a safe browser and is very good protected against spyware and viruses which makes it a good browser for home users. The installation is very easy and you can adjust the browser like you want it,  many plugins are available.


Apple Safari

This is a browser made by Apple, known from the iPad’s, iPod’s and Mac computers. Since the beginning it was made for Apple’s operating system, named OS X. Safari comes with the Mac Computers, but since a long time also available for Windows.



Opera stared in 1996 and is a browser of a Norwegian company Opera Software. This browser is very old but compared to the other browsers is it not well-known. After the installation is the browser very complete and doesn’t need many plugins, it’s including a BitTorrent client, newsgroup reader, an email client and RSS reader.



Seamonkey is using the same protocols as Firefox but it is not sure if all the Firefox plugins are working. Firefox is a standalone browser and Seamonkey is more a total package. Seamonkey works on Windows and Mac.



Flock works on both, Windows and Mac, and  is primarily a “social browser”, which means that many social media options such as YouTube, Facebook, Flickr and Twitter are already embedded in this browser. Flock is based on Firefox, which means that the web pages are shown in the same way and it’s possible to use the plugins of Firefox.



Omniweb has a lot of software including the Omniweb browser, it’s characterized in the visual presentation of tabs and workspaces.  Most browsers have tabs, but OmniWeb builds on the idea of viewing multiple web pages in a single window by offering thumbnails. Workspaces feature, your individual browsing sessions can be saved in one convenient location. This browser is only for MAC users.



Cruza  is a social media browser that is entirely built to the User Interface of Apple products. There are several toolbars available for tracking RSS, Facebook and Twitter. In this browser is a Cover Flow available from iTunes.



Is also a Mac Browser and is a Japanese browser. Developers claimed that they could build a better browser than Safari, but they didn’t succeed because Apple had much better developers.


There are much more browser, especially for Windows but those are the most used browsers. I’m showing the options for Internet browsers, there are much more browsers than only Internet Explorer. It’s important to know which browser fits you the best. Make sure when make a choice that your browser is always up-to-date.


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