What Is WiFi And How To Use It

All over the world you see the WiFi networks. What is WiFi, where you can use it for, what do you need and how does it work? WiFi is a technology that enables short distance wireless data to send. Because of this short distance its ideal for home or office, no longer necessary to use an internet cable between your computer and the modem. This allows you to use the internet with a laptop, tablet or smart phone in the garden. If you have at home wireless network, it’s in most cases a form of WiFi network. WiFi is most commonly used beside a DSL or cable connection, only the last part from your modem or router to your computer can be wireless. It is also possible to get internet access via WiFi with your laptop, tablet or smart phone when you’re for example at the airport or in a public place . In many places it is free, but in some places you need a separate subscription or you can pay via a scratch card or a cell phone. The number of places where you can use wireless internet is continuously expanded.

What means WiFi and how it works

WiFi stands for Wireless Fidelity and is sometimes called WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network). With this technique the data will be transmitted wireless  in the 2.4 GHz frequency. The signal is digital and is encoded using the IEEE 802.11 protocol. This is an international standard for transmitting digital data through the air. This standard has now three variations: 802.11a, 802.11b and 802.11g. 802.11n A fourth is under construction.

What do you need

For using WiFi networks you need a computer, laptop, PDA, Pocket PC, mobile phone or other supportive devices who are equipped with WiFi support.This can be a WiFi wireless network card, but also a built-in support like a PDA, Pocket PC or mobile phone.

If your laptop or computer is not equipped with such a WiFi card, it can be purchased. Some PDAs and Pocket PCs can also be extended with a Wi-Fi module.

If you want to make at home a wireless LAN / WiFi network, you  need to have a wireless router or access point. This device ensures that you can access the  internet wireless. The most wireless routers  can access multiple users at the same time, it is often possible to share an internet connection with other users.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wireless

In relation to GPRS and UMTS you can get for a lower amount a higher speed . So you can use a laptop on your lap in the garden, or go to the hotel to check your email. Disadvantage of WiFi is that the maximum distance is limited to more or less than 100 meters, depending on the distance to the access point the speed decreases. Also, the speed is limited to 54 Mbps, while a non-wireless network can have a much higher speed.

The safety using WiFi

If the WiFi networks is not protected, everyone can use access point. That’s why a wireless network has a WEP or WPA protection protocol. In combination with additional techniques of manufacturers the network is already much safer.

Alternatives for WiFi

If there is no wifi connection and you still want to connect, you can try to connect the network by network cable. If that’s not there then you should buy a dongle, you can just bring it in your bag  to any place in case you need it.

Dongles are a type of USB stick that you can plug into your laptop. A smart phone and tablet like the iPad need a microsim to connect to the mobile network of a provider. Please note, you can better choose a prepaid mobile internet instead of a subscription.

Another options is the MiFi, it’s a portable wireless box which runs on a battery or the included AC adapter. It is very small and you don’t need to search for a WiFi.

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