What Is Social Media And Where Can I Find It?

Social media is a collective noun  for all web applications that allow information to share on a user-friendly and often funny way. This includes not only information in the form of text. Also audio  and images are shared through social media sites.
If the social media is shared with others about your company or product, it may you just give free advertising. People share information in websites, forums, social networks like MySpace or Facebook or through channels like Twitter or YouTube. Social media is therefore not a fixed location like your site, Social media can come from anywhere and  all these social networks are also interconnected.

You can compare social media with  a paper folder, it is so nice that you would like to show to everyone. It takes much time to copy the folder and go forward. But through the many channels and platforms, the Social Media will reach the whole world with minimal effort in no time. Social media can be spread rapidly, and will  be reached by many people in no time.

Social Media using for communication

Social media is also a good way to communicate besides email, phone or fax. This allows your customer to answer questions by Twitter instead of over the phone. The advantage of answering questions in Twitter is that someone else who has the same issue can also pick it up. Something that would have been impossible with the phone. Moreover, you can learn more about the person who makes the question, by looking at someone’s profile.

How does Social Media works?

With social media, it is all about the role of the website visitor. He usually provides the content of the website. In addition, the social media sometimes provide the ranking of the content. The word “social” says enough, social media are environments where is a high degree of interaction. Groups of people come together to communicate about topics what is important to them. Mostly they are trying to find similar people who have similar values​​. This comes from the unconscious idea that “everyone who is equal to me, it’s more fun, more interesting and more trustworthy.” The trust in peers is increasing.

Where can i find Social Websites?

There are many well-known Social Websites. Every body know already about Facebook, Twitter  and LinkedIn. Sharing sites are YouTube and Flickr. Job sites, general sites or specific instance of freelancers. Examples are: Gofreelance and Elance. Those are just some examples of social network sites, of course there are much more.