what is SEO search engine optimization

Search engine optimization, what is it?

Search engine optimization is a website optimization  that aims to obtain high positions in the unpaid results on Google for your relevant keywords. High rankings in Google, first page in Google, cause more visitors to your website, to more leads and ultimately more customers.

How does search engine optimization works?

All websites on the internet are regularly visited by the “crawlers” of search engines like Google. The data are stored. The moment you are doing a search on the basis of a secret formula of the search engine position determined relevant websites.

The starting point for Google is that they give the seekers as relevant as possible to give result.

Why using search engine optimization?

  • Companies and  individuals  search on Google
  • It is a highly targeted form of marketing
  • For anyone with a product or service that is searched on Google
  • Google is one of the biggest search engine on the Internet
  • The costs are easy to manage
  • To almost all products and services will be sought
  • Who is high in the unpaid results Google has authority
  • Local, regional, national or global advertising
  • Highly quantifiable and cost-effective way of marketing

How to start your search engine optimization

  • Initially, it is important to determine who your target audience is.
  • Then make a list and remember as many words what your product, site or service can be described.
  • Then you examine where your audience is looking for in the search engines. There are several tools for finding keywords suggestion tools such as Yahoo or Google Adwords keyword suggestion or sometimes or keyword generation tool (Yahoo) called.
  • The main keywords that the search is going to use and process your website.
  • This may be through content so you place more text on your pages to the subject. Content is still number one in the search engine. This shows you that a lot of attention to your website and the products have been adjusted accordingly.
  • Adjust your url, headline and text, to each other as you  will appear in search engines  on the search criteria.

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