What Is Pinterest And How To Use It

You hear the word Pinterest all over the internet, but what is actually Pinterest? To make it short, Pinterest is just a pin board where you can share things which you found on the internet. For example, it is possible to scroll through the pinboard of others to get new inspiration. So if you find something you don’t have to email, bookmark it in your favorites or put it in a binder.
Like Pinterest is saying: People use pinboards to plan their weddings, decorate their homes, and organize their favorite recipes. Reading the definition, people think its more a women’s thing. But it is also for men who wants to show their interests.

Start to use Pinterest

Pinterest started in july 2011 and in a short time it become a very popular social media, in the last few month of 2011 the visitors increased with 430 percent. As of now it has more than 7.5 millions visitors. You can follow people like in all the other social networks.

Pinterest has a key word called Pin, it’s an image that will be added to Pinterest. A Pin can be added with use of a bookmarklet or uploading from your computer. Every Pin which are added through the bookmarklet retain a link back to the site where it came from, so you can say it’s a matter of linking pins.

How to start Pinterest

Go to the Pinterest.com website and make an account. Once you have an account you can request invitations, or invite others. After this you have to install the Pin It button in your browser toolbar. With this button you can pin a lot of things online to others. On your Pinterest account you can get the pin button. On the upper-right side of the screen you see an About button, from there you click the  Pin It button and drag it to your browser.

What can I do with Pinterest

You can Pin anything you want, everything under the sun. Depending on the person, everybody has his own things to share. For example you can plan a wedding or redecorate your house. If you have recipes of appetizers and desserts you can save and share it here. For entrepreneurs is Pinterest also very interesting, they can share their product. By placing product photos and product descriptions at Pinterest, interested people can share those things with followers. Follow people in Pinterest works in the same way as in Facebook and Twitter.

Compare Pinterest with a regular flyer, only this is a digital flyer which you can share with all your followers. Advertising of your product you can do in Pinterest for free, so why not give it a try?

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