What is MiFi And How It Works

The MiFi is a portable wireless box which runs on a battery or the included AC adapter. It is very small and you don’t need to search for a WiFi or Internet cafe. If you’re often abroad and you need a stable internet, or mobile data connection, MiFi is very convenient.

IF you’re on places where the Internet is missing or appears to be inaccessible to outsiders, you can use a dongle or USB modem into your laptop, but indoors is the range sometimes low. When you have to make a call, you usually need to go to a window for a good connection, but with a laptop it is much more difficult. The solution is MiFi, a small box that is smaller than an iPhone, the interior has a battery and a SIM card.

How MiFi works

MiFi is a web server to manage the Wi-Fi network and data communications. It also has a secure connection using WPA / PSK to protect you from hackers. For the data you need a 3G SIM card with a data plan. As long there is a MiFi 3G signal, the connection is good and very fast. If no 3G signal it will switched over to the MiFi GPRS. With the G3 connection you can easily use Skype. The MiFi has a much faster data connection than the iPhone. You can enter up to five computers or phones to access.

There are also some limitations, the mobile broadband signal has to be strong enough to support the users. The user has to be in a range of 10 meters. Keep in mind that the speed of your connection depends on the area you’re staying and the amount of network traffic.

The Mifi device is going to be more and more important and many mobile broadband network providers having it already available.


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  1. felicia harris
    March 5, 2013 at 12:15 am

    is this a device that plugs into the wall so that you use a laptop and a desktop at the same time if needed.

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