What Is Hosted Exchange And How To Use It

Mobility and flexibility is very important in our daily life. Thanks to this relatively new technology, you can wherever and whenever, update your e-mail and calendar. Hosted Exchange ensures that your e-mail will be forwarded directly to a PDA or smartphone. Appointments which are made with the PDA or smartphone, you will see directly in Microsoft Office Outlook, and you can see it anywhere, the office, while traveling, or visiting a trade fair.

Hosted Exchange makes use of the easy self-install servers, you don’t have to buy an expensive server. It also provides who you decide to give access and to which company you give access.


Hosted Exchange is a new technology with great benefits

Besides having unlimited access to your e-mail, calendar and more, there are other advantages to using Hosted Exchange like:

  • The ability to share calendars and mailboxes with colleagues.
  • Possibility of corporate email traffic on a mobile device.
  • No risk of data loss incidents.
  • Support of mobile devices like PDA or smartphone, Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, BlackBerry and Apple iPhone.

Groupware or the Group support systems or collaborative software is a new kind of software aimed at a group of users in space and time in different places and times, which can still work together on a document. For example a presentation or some people working on a content of a website, or theywork on e-mail systems and shared calendars.
Its is about software as a starting point that groups within offices are also entities. By offering features and services, makes the cooperation within these groups possible.




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