What Is Google Plus And What Are The Features

Google+ has its own Social Networking site like Facebook, they call it also Google Plus or Google Plus One. The +1 button of Google which you see on the Internet helps users to find relevant content, for example a website, search results or advertisement. If you add the +1 button on your site, visitors can recommend you. In this way your connections will see the recommendation in the Google search results. In Google+ you can share pictures, links, messages and videos. It makes it possible to make a group chat or send a message to all your connections at the same time. Your connection will be classified in circles which means more privacy compared with Facebook.


If you place people in circles, you follow them and their updates which appear in your stream on your Google+ homepage. If you want to sent you a message or update, then you can choose which channels you want to send this update, so they are able to read it on their homepage. You can sent a message to multiple circles or send it to everybody. Google+ has understood that we don’t want to share everything with everyone.


Another advantage of Google+ is the Hang Outs, those are spaces within the social networking site where you can hang around as a user to chat. You’re connections receiving a message when you’re available for a chat. With the hangouts you can also create video chat.


Google also created Sparks, you can search certain areas like hobbies, blogs, videos or interests that you particularly like. The search results you can add to a list which makes also visible to your connections. It’s also possible to upload pictures with a Smartphone.


This feature allows you to send a kind of SMS. Those messages doesn’t arrive to one person, in this case it’s arriving to all the persons in the circle. The answers everyone can see too. This is an ideal way to meet up with friends to go out, or you can use this feature to give your friends the latest updates. Compared with SMS, sending messages with Huddle is free.


Beside Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Safari browsers, Google+ is also available on mobile devices. Mobile devices are very important for every social networking platform. Google+ allows you to add your location where you are and share it with your Circles. If you don’t want to share, there is an option for not sharing.


When it comes to privacy, Google+ has better privacy compared to other social networks like Facebook. For example, you want to share a message with your family, but not with your friends. You can organize your connections in circles, friends can be in a circle and family in another circle. This could be useful otherwise you will receive messages which are not intended for you.

Video about Google Plus

This video explains what Google Plus exactly is.

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