What Is Facebook Timeline Movie maker

Everybody likes to do it sometimes, scrolling in the history of your posts or your friends posts, to see what has been written including the reactions. With the timeline you can scroll in the past. Disadvantage is that scrolling costs al lot of time. Facebook comes with something new, Timeline Movie Maker. Its has been developed by Definition6 and Facebook.

Timeline Movie Maker

The Application Timeline Movie Maker makes it much easier to use the Timeline in Facebook. This application makes of the all the pictures which you shared in Facebook, a nice short movie. You don’t have to do anything, the Timeline Movie Maker choose the most relevant pictures, based on likes and comments, and edit it in your personal movie. It makes it an order, if you don’t like some pictures you can easy remove and add another picture manually. You only need a minimum of 75 pictures to make a video, there is also an opportunity to watch the video with music, there are choices of 5 songs.

A Disadvantage is, you can only share the video on your Facebook profile, not possible to embed, mail and share it with other social networks, that means Facebook is not that much social. At least Timeline a nice application to share with your Facebook friends. Some people are still not satisfied with this new functionality and it’s still the question if that will change with the new application. Timeline is standard for everybody, so we have no choice but to deal with it if you like it or not.

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