what is data entry and can I earn money with this?

Data entry is a popular way to earn money online, you can do it at home. The number of work from home data entry jobs are increasing, you can earn a good income with this kind of work, it’s an easy job to do. With a little time and effort, you can become a data entry operator. It’s not based on whether you can type, but on how fast you can type. You can make a nice living and just staying at home. There are plenty of places to look for work from home data entry jobs for free. You read captcha’s, and you type it into a block underneath. A CAPTCHA is an image containing a series of letters or numbers from a field, it must be copied to the form to send. You see them regularly on blogs if you want to make a response, fill in contact forms and other conversion-oriented forms.

Easy to earn with data entry?

Now we look at the other side, is it all true? Is it all earning that much like all the websites are telling. you type in google the words data entry, you will be overwhelmed with data entry sites. Nowadays it is no longer possible to earn thousands of dollars in data entry. Everyone wants to do this work because it is an easy way to earn and you can do at home. Hundreds of web sites that offers data entry work but the data may not be enough to deliver the workers supplies, sometimes you have to wait for the supply.

Scam or not?

Many of those sites are just scam and won’t pay you or they pay you too late. It’s very important to do a good research before you start to work as data entry. I won’t say all the site are not good and of course many of those sites are fine to work with. My experience is not that good, they give you very slow  data, so you can’t earn enough, only a couple of dollars a day. Other people may have better experience in this type of work.

Where can i find data entry jobs?

When you search on the internet with the keyword data entry, it’s all overwhelming with data entry jobs. You can try freelancer.com, Elance or o-desk. It’s free to register and there are plenty data entry jobs to find, including other online  jobs. If your interested in other online jobs to earn money, view my article how to earn money online–>