What Is Bluetooth

Everybody is talking about it, what is Bluetooth? Maybe it is a replacement for the data cable but there is already WiFi, so why do we need Bluetooth? Bluetooth is a wireless system, which is actually the successor of the infrared. With infrared you had to face the devices to each other and the transfer was very slow.
This is not the same with Bluetooth, this goes with a connection by radio waves, and the devices don’t need to face each other. The Bluetooth devices has a range of 10 or 100 meters between each other, depending on equipment. It is a technology that allows mobile devices to send data files wireless with a maximum speed of 1 MB per second. It is a secure medium and eight devices can be connected at a time. WiFi is doing this also but has a faster speed and it needs more power, so it’s not suitable for the relatively small batteries in cell phones and headsets.

Bluetooth can go through all kinds of signals, for example from the mobile phone to the wireless headset, but can send also data, such as images, from the phone to the computer. There are even printers for sale with built-in Bluetooth receiver. So you can send easy pictures or text messages directly to the printer.

Origin of Bluetooth

Bluetooth was invented by Swedish and was the code-name given by engineers from Ericsson to honor to Viking King Harald Blåtand. He was the King of Denmark between 940 and 985. He made various Viking tribes united as one nation. Bluetooth technology is also able to unite different industries such as the cell phone, computing, and automotive markets.

How does it work

In every Bluetooth is a microchip what can receive and send on a high frequency and can be received on every place all over the world. Once you turned on your Bluetooth device, you can see other users in your area including a name.  You can identify them easy and before connecting. you can decide by yourself who you want to connect. The other person has to accept your connection first.

Bluetooth has 2 types of connections, point to point and multipoint. Multipoint devices can send data to multiple devices at the same time,  point to point can only sent to one device at the same time. If your laptop or computer doesn’t have a Bluetooth device, you can buy a Bluetooth USB adapter.

Sent data with Bluetooth

Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on so you can sent a file to others. Choose the file you want to sent and select Bluetooth to sent with. It will search for the available devices in your neighbourhood with the maximum range, select the person who you want to sent the file. It could be happened that you have to use a password, it’s like a PIN number. This is for safety reasons. Once you have joined each other the transfer will start and  after a while you can see if the transfer was successfully finished.


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