What is BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a P2P (Peer-to-Peer) system that uses a central location that regulates the downloads. This central point is also called tracker. You will be connected with this tracker once you’ve downloaded a torrent file. The tracker keeps track of the user base, these are the seeds and brings them together. Searching for suppliers is not necessary, the tracker knows how to find them and the download starts immediately.

When you start you’re downloading, a part of the file with be shared directly with others. The reason that it starts fast is partly because of the program but also many users have a fast broadband internet connection. BitTorrent is not for small files but for big files like movies, programs. BitTorrent is the medium for new releases, because  you’re sharing large files right away.

Before you can download the file, you should enter a BitTorrent file using your Web browser. In that file you can find all the necessary information, such as the location of the tracker and the data of the file you want. Once you have the torrent file, it will automatically start and search for the seeds. It will make immediately space of the whole file on your hard disk  made way for the entire file, so watch your disk space, make sure you have enough disk space.
Usually the download is very fast, because there are enough people like you who are downloading those pieces of the file and start sharing them. The end of the download goes usually a much slower, you will arrive at the rare file parts, reason is that many users BitTorrent immediately close when completed and won’t share the last pieces. After finishing downloading it’s better to keep the file available for uploading so others can enjoy the completed file too

These torrent files are available on several websites. Problem is that these sites often disappear faster than they came. A good site isohunt.com, this has many files in the offer.

There are several programs that allows you getting BitTorrent files. Popular programs are uTorrent and Vuze (Azureus). They will show you the download speed, seeds, peers and you can change the language of the program.

Be aware when you go to those sites.  In many countries is using torrents to download copyrighted material against the law. Read more about Downloading movies legal or illegal.


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