What Is Adware And Spyware, How To Protect Your Computer


Adware is advertising delivered directly to your computer, it’s a program that shows regularly ads on the screen. In some cases this program will be installed without the knowledge of the user.
Adware is more or less harmless for your computer and it generates a lot of spam for products that will be sent straight to your email. Adware can also produce “pop-up” ads on your computer.
Adware is generally accepted by the Internet Community as a valid marketing system, although it may include elements of spyware, for example tracking data, and uses that information to deliver advertisements to the user and passes it to third parties without the approval or knowledge of the user.


Spyware is much more threatening and dangerous to your computer. The main goal is to collect information from individuals and companies without their knowledge. Spyware is often hidden in software, and along with that it installs software, but can also be spread as a virus. Additionally, spyware can change your entire computer through PC configurations which opens to a world of trouble. Spyware is used by unscrupulous people as one of the most important means of identity theft because it fishes information from your computer and can “learn” about almost everything you do on the internet, then report back to the client.

In theory, installing adware and spyware is not punishable, because users give permission, without realizing it. By accepting the terms, which is displayed in almost every download , you also agree to provide your personal information and surfing habits to advertising companies.

There are many methods to get rid of spyware on your computer, but the most effective way is to avoid it. If you have already threats better install anti-spyware and antivirus software like Microsoft Security Essentials, AVG Free, Avira, Avast and Ad-Aware.

How to get Spyware

Getting Spyware and Adware usually with:

  • Installing software with the so-called “third-party applications”. Read first the user agreement and if you’re not sure don’t install it.
  • Spyware / adware is mainly installed in free programs, such as screen savers or weather programs. Also the free programs, which costs normally hundreds of dollars in the stores, includes spy or adware. Ask yourself why this expensive software is for free.
  • Installing software with “sponsors”, it’s a simple way for companies to reach consumers.
  • The program will be installed without your knowledge by a website that makes security holes in Windows, so always keep your windows up to date.
  • If you are installing a script while surfing, and choose “yes” without reading the script, you have a high risk of infection



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