Watch Internet TV With TVU Player

If you like to watch online tv programs, TVU player let you search, find and play plenty of tv programs. You can watch over a broadband internet connection with Windows or Mac. There is a wide variety of streaming television programs from all over the world like CBS, NASA, FOX, CNN, ESPN and much more.  It also hosts streams for sport events like soccer, tennis, baseball and basketball. You can also watch tv programs, those you can’t see on cable and satellite. TVU player works like a P2P (peer-to-peer) sharing program but it is brought to you as real-time. The more people watching a channel, the stronger will be the signal. Easy to make list of your favorite channels and set-up according to your tastes and preferences. This program is free to use, there are no extra costs and the download size is less than 6 MB.

How to use TVU player

First download and install the player. Once you open the program you have a variety of channels, you can choose by Language, News, Sports, Networks, Movies, Cartoons, Music, Fun, Lifestyle, Science and RRsat. In the search box you can search channel name. Some channels are offline and some are only available for subscribers but the most of them are available to watch. Once you open a channel, there is an option to view the TV guide, nice to find your favorite programs of the channel.  To make watching more comfortable you can select the full screen mode.

Changing to another channel takes a little time to start playing, it’s making a buffer first so you can watch the channel for an amount of time, this depends on the bandwidth and other people who are watching.

The signal indicator is showing the strength of the channel, 1 or 2 bars is not enough to load the channel, 3 bars might be start the channel, 4 and 5 is a good quality signal. The bandwidth indicator is showing the signal bandwidth in kbps (kilobytes per second), if the bandwidth has a higher number than the quality is better.

Below the signal and the bandwidth you see a star with a +, there you can add a channel to your favorite list.

On the right side is a pull-out window that shows the information about the channel your watching like Reviews, TV Guide and Broadcaster’s Blog.

Some web sites showing a list of live sports and with the TVU player you can watch them, some of them are not broadcasting legal.



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