Visions 3D Photo Editing Software

Visions is a photo editing software which is comparable to other programs, all the basic editing tools are available. But Visions is unlike other programs something else. This program allows you to navigate through the folders in 3D which makes Visions different and is a reason to try.


The installation is simple but during the wizard you have to pay attention that you will not install unnecessary toolbars. As default the software will install the Visionbar toolbar in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome and change the default search and homepage. make sure you will disable them by un-checking everything.

Visions3D install

Also during the installation process you get the impression that the set-up will stuck, but it will install the so-called 3D engines, and depending on your computer it will take a couple of minutes.

Visions3D indexing

At the end of the installation you can specify which partitions can be scanned by Visions automatically, so your photos will be indexed by the program. Do not forget to indicate how many photos a subdirectory should contain before adding to Visions.

Visions3D add folders

Using visions

Once you start Visions some tips will appear immediately explaining how to navigate through your photos, moving the photos from one folder to another, and much more. This can be useful to get used with the program. The 3D navigation makes Visions very powerful and it use some words such as Cylinder, Colosseum, Discs, vertical Wheel which are for many people un-known words. All these features you can find under Art gallery. Under the Editing Room button are the tools for editing photos. Photo editing is not exactly the best part of Visions, tools for contrast, color and brightness can be found in any image editing program. The range of filters consisting 30 pieces Artwork & Effects. At least Visions has everything that a beginner might need. The Printing House is successful, here you can easily edit your photos and include them on Business cards and Calendars. The Sharing Center makes it possible to share your photos on Flickr or, disadvantage is here that there is no Facebook added.

Visions3D tips


Visions3D editing room

Visions3D printing house

On the top is also a small Help button and the Tools button. When you click on the last one a preference dialog box will open with many settings options.

Visions3D preferences


Visions is compared to other programs nothing special, all the standard features are available. The printing options and 3D navigation are maybe interesting. Another disadvantage is directly during the installation, the program will like to install the toolbar on the computer and change the search and homepage.


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