Use Tor To Get IP Of Specific Country

If you want to enter a country restricted website, Tor can be very useful. For example you want to watch a TV stream of a country but they don´t allow visitors to watch outside the country. How often you see this kind of text It’s not allowed to view this stream due your geographical location. With Tor you can change the setting that your IP address will be set to a specific country. The network of relays are running by volunteers from all over the world so you can choose the end path (exit node)  to a certain country.

Change the Exit node to a specific country

If you haven’t done it yet, download Tor Vidalia bundle first.

Start Vidalia and wait until it’s connected to a network. Click on View network, a new window will open. On the left side you see the relays from all the countries. You can sort the list by connection speed, county or relays, choose the middle one with flags. Now the relays are listed by country, choose the specific country. In my example I used United Kingdom. Select the relays of the specific country, when you hold the Ctrl key you’re able to select more than 1 relays. Press the right-mouse button and select Copy –> Nickname or Copy –> Fingerprint.

Go back to Vidalia Control panel and click on Setup relaying, again a new window will open. Now select Advanced and go to Tor Configuration File and press Browse. You see one file listed named Torrc, open this file.


Windows will ask you to choose the programs to open this file, choose notepad or another simple text editor.

Insert the text ExitNodes press space bar and paste the Fingerprint or Nickname using the CTRL-V buttons. At the end of the document type StrictExitNodes 1. Make sure you’re separating the relays by a comma.

Save this document and Exit Vidalia. Open Vidalia again and wait until it’s connected to the Tor network. Now you’re connected only with the selected relays. You can check your IP address at

Check in your browser settings if your browser is connecting with Tor, here is more info for Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users. For Firefox users go to Tools –> Options –> Advanced Network. Click on Settings,  select Manual Proxy Configuration and enter local host or in the HTTP-proxy field and port 8118. Select also Use the same proxy server for all protocols. Or read more about Tor using Firefox.



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