Use Proxy Support In Vuze For Downloading BitTorrent

Vuze, also known as Azareus, is a famous software to download BitTorrent files. It let you download fast and easy music and movies, so you can watch them at home any time you want. If you are browsing the Internet though a proxy server, you are able to use Vuze to use the same proxy.

A proxy server, also known as proxy, is a server that is located between your computer and the website where you can find the information. If someone using a proxy,  it doesn’t connect directly to the internet, but through another computer. This can be useful sometimes if somebody wants to hide his IP address. Sometimes it can be useful to use a proxy if your own server is very slow.

Use Vuze through a proxy

Follow these steps and you use Vuze through a proxy server:

  • First you have to change the mode into advanced, go to tools and select options. A pop-up window will open, on the left side you click mode and then advanced. There you have to select user proficiency to have more options, and click apply.
  • After this you double-click Connection on the left side of the window to expand the category, then click Proxy Options. Select the box Enable proxying of tracker communications, a restart of vuse is required.
  • Then select I have a SOCKS proxy, if you select this make sure your proxy has a socks protocol, then fill in the address and port of your proxy. The user name and password you can keep blank if you have a public proxy, otherwise fill in your user name a password.
  • Check enable proxying of peer communications and inform tracker of limitation.
  • Select SOCKS version, a drop down menu will open and select the socks your proxy is using. The proxy server must support SOCKS version 4, 4A or 5 for peer communications.
  • Select use same proxy settings for tracker and peer communications proxy if you use only one single proxy, otherwise enter the information about your host, port username and password.
  • Click on apply, select File—> exit, Vuse is now closed. After you restart Vuze again your settings are saved and you can download through a proxy.



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  1. Valerie
    July 11, 2012 at 11:25 pm

    This can be useful sometimes if somebody wants to hide his IP address.

    This can be useful sometimes if somebody wants to his his or her IP address.

    It would be easier for women to become involved in the technical aspects of things if the writing was all inclusive to the population instead of only referencing the male portion. Small things like this are easy to look over, but they are important. Thank you for writing your article.

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