Upload And Send Large Files With WeTransfer

WeTransferWeTransfer allows to send large files on an easy way with a size limit of 2 GB and you can send up to 20 recipients at once. No need to register and no need to remember your credentials. When you want to send large files it happen many times there is a mailbox limit of the recipient. Most of the time there is a maximum of 25 MB, and some internet providers allows only a few MBs. Sending .exe files fails too for the fear of viruses. Especially for those kind of files is the WeTransfer service very useful.

Dropbox is also a service which can sent large files, but Wetransfer is doing it in another way. If you want to use Dropbox for sending large files it is possibly already full because of using it for other things, then sending a large file will no longer work. With Dropbox you have to remove the files by yourself, in order to get more space for other files. WeTransfer is different from Dropbox. When your Dropbox is already full, then you can use the WeTransfer service to send up to 2 Gigabytes each time. You don’t need to throw away the large file by yourself, the recipient has still two weeks left to get the file, and after that the file is automatically deleted on the Internet.

How to use WeTransfer

When you go to WeTransfer.com you will see a small pop-up window showing up and around that you see advertisements that the service is paying.

In the first input field you can click on the + to add files up to 2 GB. Windows Explorer opens and choose the file from your computer you want to add. You can add multiple files but only a total limit of 2 GB. The added file you can easily remove by pushing the X beside the file. Multiple files are automatically packed in a ZIP file. This allows you to upload up to 2 GB in one time. However, keep in mind that sending large files will take a couple of hours depending on your internet speed.

In the second entry field you can enter up to 20 email addresses, separated by spaces. After uploading the recipients will receive an email with a link for downloading the file. The third field is for your own email address. You will receive at least two confirmation emails. One is telling you if the file has been send successfully in the cloud, and the others from the recipients who have downloaded the file. In the last field you can enter a message for the recipient, you can write for example a description of the file.

WeTransfer details

On the right lower part you can choose between 9 different languages. Once you have completed all the fields you can press Transfer button and WeTransfer starts sending the file(s).

During the download you will see a circle that slowly goes to 100%. It takes a while before the file is uploaded, downloading goes much faster compared to uploading. Only when the file is completely uploaded all recipients receive your email with the download link. Also you get an email which provides that the file has been received well by Wetransfer.

WeTransfer upload

WeTransfer pros and cons

WeTransfer works very simple without a lot of functions that nobody is using, no need to register and no need to remember your credentials. WeTransfer is available in multiple languages. But WeTransfer has also some side effects: With Dropbox you do not need to upload the entire file at once. When it’s time to turn off the computer, you just do it. Once the computer restarts, the upload continues. Using WeTransfer the computer should be turned on until the upload is finished. It is not possible to resume the upload on another time. This is maybe an annoying side effect for large files. WeTransfer you can compare with DuShare which is also a one-to-one connection without using a server.


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    With Binfer you can send directly to recipient without uploading your files anywhere.

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