How To Unblock Your Windows Live Hotmail E-mail Account

It happens many times to people having a blocked email account in Hotmail/hotmailLive. The reason the account is blocked is for sending spam to others in your address book. Even if you haven’t done it by yourself, spammers can do that automatically using your account. There are some ways to prevent your email account against hackers or spammers.

Many people are already victim of hackers which are sending spam, if they use your account doesn’t mean that all your personal information will be sent through the internet. It’s not always sure that hackers can access your account, sometimes they only have the traffic of your email in a certain way under control. Once the hackers can control the traffic, they are able to send all kind of spam to others in your contact list. If  Windows Life/Hotmail find out spam comes from your account, they will decide to block your account right away. Another reason that your account has been blocked:  if somebody (or yourself) tried to login too many times with a wrong password. If somebody (or you) made repeated attempts, the email provider will block the account. They want to prevent  a hacker will access the account.

After the account is blocked, the email provider wants to clean up the email account immediately. It will remove some files so it can’t send spam anymore. From now on everybody are denied to access this account. Now you have to prove to them that this account is yours, so you’re able the log in the account again.

Unblock email account

When you signed up for your Live/Hotmail account, you were asked to answer security questions, if you still remember the answers your  able to unblock your account. Before you were blocked you had the possibility to update your profile such as inserting a phone number or second email address. If you entered in the profile a phone number, you can ask Live/Hotmail to sent a code to your cell phone. With this code you are able to log in to your account again. If you entered a second email address in your profile,  you can indicate to reset the password and Windows Hotmail will sent a link to the second account. It is very important that your provider has your telephone number or second email address.

Spam EmailsWhat if you don’t know the answers of the security question? What if you did ‘t enter a phone or second email address? Call the Hotmail/Live technical support. They will ask  you to provide some personal information, the Windows team will help trying to validate your identity. You can tell them some information about your contact list and emails, after 24 hours you will receive an email with a confirmation code. Without any personal information it will be a hard time to unblock your email account. The easiest way for many people is to open a new account. This will not help to get back your documents and emails which are left in your blocked account.

There are some prevention possibilities which can help a little, most of time you can’t do much against this kind way of spamming:

  • Use spyware, malware and antivirus software including a firewall.
  • Change every two or three months your password and combine them with numbers, lowercase and uppercase.
  • Don’t open emails from your spam folder or from people you don’t trust or don’t know.
  • Be careful with clicking on suspicious links, even from friends. Don’t double-click on a link, use the right-mouse button and select Open.

If your email account is blocked and not able to unblock again, make sure when you open a new account to answer the security questions. Make your profile complete including a phone number and second email address.



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    Hello my E-mail account is blocked and can you help me unblock it?

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