The future of the CD: The end is near


Maybe you hear already many stories about the future of the Compact Disk, I don’t think it’s very strange because the CD is doing badly the last couple of years, the sales are not doing very well anymore. Major record companies don’t  like to release their music on the optical discs anymore. Instead of buying music on a disc customers have to get their favorite music by streaming or download it via iTunes or other related services. probably, the CD’s are not available anymore at the end of next year or even earlier. Only limited editions will still remain on the market, but that’s not possible for every artist.It’s not the first time that they predict the end of the compact disc,  they predicted the end of the CD already ten years ago, five years ago, and now again.  It is bad that they disappear because they have a nice design and bonus materials. But offering downloads is a logical substitution. Unfortunately for those collectors who like hard copies in his hands and entrepreneurs who sell those shiny discs. But what brings the end of the CD? Is it YouTube? People liketo watch YouTube, especially younger people. Another reason is maybe the price of the CD, it’s too expensive and many people can’t afford to buy a CD all the time. Of course MP3s are more convenient, digital music is the future. All most physical formats will be gone, newspapers, books and DVDs included. At the end of the eighties the LP and the cassette tapes disappeared in the same way, the scratchy LP and cassette tapes had to give way to the compact disc.Well, every disadvantage has its advantage: if record companies decide to stop selling CD’s, there is still money that can be used for marketing purposes. This will drag artists to earn more money and more likely to continue to produce music. In long-term, this should benefit everyone. If this all comes true, we will see in the future.