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Trashmail.netEverybody has done it once, you want to download information or you just want one time participate in a game or a survey, most of the time you have to enter your email address. Thereafter, for sure your mailbox flooded with newsletters and advertising. There is a solution to subscribe without using your own email address, you can create an account at is a provider for temporary email addresses that can be used for subscriptions. Compared to their competitors such as MeltMail and SpamBox, this free service offers many additional options. You can apply for a temporary email address to send mail for a certain time or only one time. While your account in TrashMail is activated the mail is redirected to your real email. Thereafter all mail to the temporary address will be refused.

A temporary email address you can apply to send mail only once or for a certain time. During this time the email is redirected to your real email address, when the limit time is reached all mail to the temporary address will be refused.

To start with this service go to, click the register tab and fill in the requested information:

  • Fill in the name of your temporary e-mail address.
  • Enter your real e-mail address.
  • The duration time of the email address.
  • Optionally you’ll be able to filter messages with CAPTCHA security system.

There are several other websites which offers a temporary email account, but has a very comprehensive service compared to the others. You can specify how long the temporary email account should remain and also you can specify a maximum number of emails may be sent before it is released. You will be notified by email once the limit has reached. This is useful because you can keep the temporary email address longer if you want.

Furthermore its possible to choose your own name in front of, and set a “white list” of address. Mails from those addresses do not count together with the maximum number of mails at the TrashMail.

A Firefox or Chrome browser extension is available which makes it possible to use Trashmail without visiting the website. A disadvantage is that the free TrashMail account has a maximum limit of six months. An unlimited account costs $16,99 or €11,99 a year.



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