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Seamonkey Free Software Including Browser, HTML Editor, Email And IRC Client

Seamonkey logoSeamonkey, before called Mozilla Suite, is an Open Source total package of the Mozilla Foundation. This complete package includes a mail and news program, HTML editor, IRC client and a browser. Actually, Mozilla Suite brought back the good things from Netscape. Later on came Firefox, Thunderbird and Kompozer. The SeaMonkey package contains all the components.


Add a SWF or embed game to your website

There are many websites where you can play games online, games are usually small, the so-called flash games. It’s fun to do, and there are many available on the net. Playing flash games is a nice way to entertain yourself and keeping yourself busy. The reason why it is so nice to do, there are thousands of games on the net available varying from adventure, sports, racing, shooting arcade, and more.


Web hosting terms

Data transfer web hosting

Each time a Web page is opened, the content is downloaded. This downloads a web page and its data generates images.

DNS Domain Name System

The system used to translate domain names to physical locations (IP addresses). Descriptive name for a site on the Internet. For example: lejinternetplaza.com

Domain Name

Descriptive name for a site on the Internet. For example: lejinternetplaza.com

FTP File Transfer Protocol

File Transfer Protocol is used to transfer files such as text and images to upload to your website.


The home page also refers to the intended beginning web page of a website on the Internet, usually given by default if the root domain is given without specifying the file name (for example, the URL http://www.lejinternetplaza.com/ will load the home page for domain.com, in this case a file named index.php).

MySQL database

MySQL is the most common database system on the Internet. It is often used in conjunction with PHP to store data quickly, making them later by you or your visitors to use.

Perl, Python and PHP?

Perl, Python and PHP are all programming languages ​​suitable for developing interactive and dynamic websites. PHP is currently the most widely used programming language for websites.

Port Number

Any service that offers an Internet server has its own number. These numbers on a “well known port list” (list of known ports) so that everyone knows what number to which service is. The port number for Web services, for example, 80 (http).To send email using port 25 (SMTP).

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

The protocol used for sending e-mail messages.

Sub domain

A domain can be divided into subdomains for the domain name by another word record. The best known example is “www”. Entirely unjustified to many people assume that the domain belongs to www. That’s not true. The owner of a domain is completely free to choose one or more subdomains.

SSI Server-Side Includes

A server-side scripting language, or programming language. SSI scripting commands are embedded within a webpage and are parsed and executed on the web server to generate dynamic HTML pages. Common uses of SSI are to include files (e.g. a header or footer file) that are used on multiple web pages, or to show the current date and time.

SSL Secure Sockets Layer

Secure Sockets Layer is a transaction security standard that provides data encryption, server authentication, and message integrity. SSL is usually used on web sites that accept credit card numbers, PayPal payments, bank account wire transfers, or other critically private information.


The “language” that computers on the Internet generally with each other “talk”. TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol” IP stands for “Internet Protocol”.

URL Uniform Resource Locator

The solid form containing the address of such a site is indicated: http://www.lejinternetplaza.com

Web hosting disk space?

Disk space is the amount of space on the hard drive you will be offered. This quantity is often space in MB (megabytes) or GB (gigabytes) expressed. For a normal informative page is typically 100 MB more than enough.


A collection of web pages within a domain that can be viewed from the Internet.

Web server

A computer that offers web services is called a web server.

WWW World Wide Web

All websites from the Internet can be viewed form the “world wide web”. The abbreviation is therefore often used as the sub domain of a domain in which the site can be viewed: www.lejinternetplaza.com


List of free website builders

If your interested in building a website you need software to create a website. I made a list of software to build a website including the features. To use this software you need a web space to create a website. The most experience i have with Wordpress and its one of the most  commonly used open source software.