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Make Online Music With Incredibox

Incredibox beatIncredibox makes it possible to create your own beatbox in a short time. Simply drag, drop and listen. More and more applications using the cloud, the program will be installed on a server and the users can go to the website to start using it.


Convert Audio And Video With Freemake Video Converter

Freemake Video ConverterThere are many video converters available, some of them are for free, most of those programs have the same functions. Nowadays, it is easy to convert videos in different formats, the programs can convert most common and popular video files, which makes it easy to convert from any kind of format into AVI, WMV or MP3. Also Freemake Video Converter can convert into different formats.


Cutting And Editing MP3 Audio Files Using MP3DirectCut

Mp3DirectCut is a simple and small program for editing MP3 files. This program you can use right away after downloading, no installation needed. Mp3Direccut launch right away and very fast. Many things can be done with this small program like: Cutting and pasting clips, sound normalization, volume, fade in and fade out, and effects. All the most important things are available.