Are The Tablets More Popular Than The PC Or Laptop?

All around you see the tablets are showing up more and more,  millions tablets have been sold already. The reason that everybody wants it, is that you can easily bring at anywhere. The question is, are they more popular compared to the computer and the laptop?  Can it do the same work as a regular computer or laptop?

The advantage of a tablet is that it is small and you can control everything with your fingers.  it’s easy to browse, scroll down web pages, read books, watch pictures and videos, play games or read mails. A tablet can be very useful. The Social Networks like Twitter, Facebook, LikedIn are already integrated on tablets. Usually the Social Network are available in one click. The screen is big enough to view most of the sites in good quality. The screen quality is high compared to the laptop or PC. The tablet has some advantages compared with the laptop, it is booting faster, use it for a longer time before you have to charge again, and it’s not so heavy compared to the laptop.

There are many things you can not do with a tablet, for example commercial purposes and managing a website. It’s also easier to spend hours writing letters and sending emails with a laptop and not with a tablet, but for normal use is tablet good enough. A tablet has a smaller processor and not every software is available. Also some hardware is missing. Keep also in mind that a  tablet can be damaged easier. Overall seen is a tablet better to use because it’s not complicated and easy to use doing simple things.

We will see what the future brings, maybe the tablet will be more popular than the regular computer or laptop. For heavy-duty things you always need a computer.


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