How To Make A System Restore Point Windows7

Windows 7 recovery diskIt may happen sometimes that your computer has a serious crash or a major software problem, it would be nice to restore your computer to a time when everything was still working. This you can do with Windows 7 System Restore. It puts the system files back to a date when everything worked well. A system restore disk can help to repair an error if you can’t access the recovery options anymore.

System Restore uses restore points that can be created on a fixed schedule, or if there will be important changes on your computer such as installing a new software. If necessary, you can use System Restore to restore your PC to the situation as it was during the restore point was created.

Before you start using System Restore it is very important to close all programs and save the open files. Once you made a restore point your computer will reboot by itself. Once you’re ready you can start doing this process:

Right-click My Computer and select Properties, a pop-up menu will open.

My computer
Click on System Protection and another pop-up window will open.

System protection
Select the System Properties tab and press Create a restore point right now for the drives that have system protection turned on.

System protection window
Typ a description such as “Restore Point Software Name” or “Recovery Point Date ‘and then click Create.

Create restore point

It will now create automatically a restore point and if its finished another window will show The Restore point was created successfully. If you encounter a problem you can restore the computer any time to this restore point.

Make a system restore

If you notice your computer is not running well anymore you can go to a restore point, but you have to know which one is the correct restore point. Normally you should choose the last restore point, but make sure Windows was running well during that time.

  • Right-click My Computer and select Properties, a pop-up menu will open (see above).
  • Click on System Protection and another pop-up window will open (see above).
  • Select System Properties tab and click the System Restore button.
System protection window

You can choose between the latest restore point or older one. Choose the restore point that Windows 7 was still running well. Click on Next and confirm to start System Restore.


A message will show up telling you System Restore can not be interrupted after it starts, do you want to continue? Click on Yes, it will take a couple of minutes to bring back Windows 7 to the selected restore point. Once it is finished the computer will restart and ready to use.


Undo Restore Point

If you’re not satisfied with this restore point you can still go back to the moment before you made System Restore. Follow the steps above, but now in the last step a screen will open asking you to put back the system files and setting, Click on Next and confirm to make the System Restore undone.

How to make a system recovery disk for Windows 7

Sometimes it happen that Windows 7 is crashed and not booting anymore. It is very useful to have a system recovery disk if you have no access to your Windows 7 installation disk, for example you lost it or the disk is damaged. A system recovery disk can be made at any time, but the best time is when your computer was still healthy. A blank CD or DVD needed to create one.

  • Go to the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • In a new window click on System and Security and select Backup and Restore.
  • Now select Create a System Repair Disc and choose the CD/DVD drive you want to use to burn your disk.
  • Place a blank Cd or DVD in the drive, it doesn’t need more than 200 MB so a CD is already enough.
  • Click on Create disk, a bar will show the processing of the disk.
Create disk

Using the system recovery disk.

Follow these steps to use the system recovery disk to solve a serious problem in Windows:

  • Place the system disk in your CD or DVD drive.
  • Reboot your computer by pressing the on / off button.
  • After a while a window will show up with system recovery options.
  • Select the Startup Repair and click Next.
Windows system boot

You never know why and when Windows will crash, so having a restore disk is a part of the backup and recovery tools in case you need it.





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