How To Surf Anonymous Using Tracking Protection Lists Internet Explorer 9

interner explorer logoTracking Protection Lists for Internet Explorer is a technology that has the purpose to protect the user privacy better. It works as a kind of advertising blocker, and prevents Internet users against web sites or ad networks. Tracking Protection helps to protect your privacy, but provide no guarantee that your online profile can not be traced.

During the introduction of Internet Explorer 9, there were only a few tracking lists  available, but now the number has increased rapidly. The Tracking Protection Lists are developed by companies who are concerned about the privacy of surfers. They say there are differences between various lists themselves. Look for yourself which list fits for you the best.

Using Tracking Protection Lists

Tracking Protection Lists works almost the same as the add-ons in Internet Explorer, you just download and install the tracking list. As default it is disabled, to enable the Tracking Protection go to Settings –> Tracking Protection –> Safety.


A new window will open where you can see your add-on list of protection providers, as default it is disabled.

new tracking list

Internet Explorer can check your surfing behavior and make a list with scripts. When you double-click on Your personalized list you will see a list of providers.

tracking list

Here you can select the provider which you want to allow or block, another option is to block all the providers. To get more providers go to the Internet Explorer website and download a Protection list of third parties.

third party list

Just select the prefered provider and click the Add button, a pop-up window will open asking you to add the list. Instead of using the link above you can also enter the gallery using the link Get a Tracking Protection List online in the Tracking Protection window.

get tracking list

Once you added your Tracking Protection Lists (TPL) it is right away enabled. If you’re not satisfied you can simply remove the Tracking Protection Lists in the Manage Add-ons window.


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