Surf Anonymous And Hide IP Address With Freegate Proxy

FreegateFree Gate is an anti-restriction program that lets you safely and quickly browse the internet. This software was developed by DIT (Dynamic Internet Technology Inc.), a pioneer of bypassing restrictions. It is meant for people who live in areas where free internet is not possible. Countries like China and Iran have restrictions for accessing websites such as Facebook or other social media. Free Gate is designed to help people in these countries to access websites fast and safe without any restriction.

Free Gate works through DynaWeb, DIT, and P2P proxy network systems. Bypassing restrictions is further enhanced by an innovative and unique encryption and compression algorithm.

Download Freegate on their website, it is only a small program and no installations is needed, so you can save this program on your memory stick and use it on any computer wherever you are. This tool consists only one .exe file. Save the file somewhere in a folder and make a shortcut on your desktop so you can access it on an easy way. The first window when you run the program is the control panel, choose the site which should not connect through a proxy.

Freegate proxy control

Using Freegate

Once you have connected, you will be prompted the message that you’re connected trough a proxy server. This program set Internet Explorer and Chrome automatically Firefox users have to set the proxy manually.

Freegate proxy status

The interface has a few tabs, in the tab Server you can set the Proxy settings and there is an overview of the connected servers.

Freegate proxy server

The settings window has many options. Enable delete IE history when program exit if you want to remove all the Internet Explorer browser history. As default Internet Explorer starts directly when you open Freegate, tick beside Do not open browser when program starts to disable this feature. This is useful if you’re using Firefox, Opera or another web browser. If you want to run this program while the computer is booting tick Start Freegate upon computer startup. With the Set browser button you can open Windows explorer to search for the executable of another browser than IE. The selected browser will start after you open Freegate.

Freegate proxy settings

Click on More settings to open a new window. For Chinese speaking people here is the option to change the language into Chinese. Beside When starting Freegate choose in the scroll-down menu if you want to open the program in the System tray, normal or hiding. If you want to exit Freegate by clicking the X button, change When clicking the X button into Exit. Upon exiting is for what you want to do with Internet Explorer when you stop running Freegate.

Freegate proxy more settings

Using Firefox

Freegate is automatically changing the settings of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to run it through a proxy. Firefox  users have to do this manually. Open Firefox and go to Tools –> Options.

Freegate Firefox

Click on the Advanced and then the Network –> Settings. Select Manual proxy configuration and fill in the field beside HTTP proxy and in the field Port 8580. Tick Use this proxy server for all protocols and in the field No proxy for localhost, Click on Ok and restart Firefox.

Freegate Firefox proxy

Freegate is very easy to use for browsing the internet anonymous, your IP address is hidden on  the internet. This program works similar as Ultrasurf and Tor/Vidalia, with you last one its also possible to get IP address of specific country. Free Gate is suitable for Microsoft Windows.


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