Software For Downloading Free Music And Movies

Everybody likes to download music to have a bigger collection. And if its possible they prefer to get it for free. Many software are available to download from the Internet, some for music, others for photos or videos. I made a list of programs for downloading music and videos from the internet.


iMeshiMesh is a music program that launched in 1999, its one of the most common and succesull download program. Its owned by MucicLab and is a P2P (peer to peer) program. This means that any computer on the network can add a file to the program and also download the file. People can share home made videos and photos, and even Microsoft office files. Be careful, sometimes people download files which contains viruses. Be selective in choosing what you download, and if your computer suddenly slow down after downloading a file, it is wise to to check your computer for viruses. iMesh was also known for adware and spyware, and iMesh automatically installs its own toolbar in the browser, so after you install the software you will see the menu bar in your browser. With your iMesh account you can also use it as Bearshare member. For better security the program is always asking to install the newer version. In the latest version you’ll find a DJ function, which is certainly an advantage. When youre looking for a title or artist, iMesh automatically creates a list of artists and songs that have the same genre.


BearshareAs you can see it in the name, this program is all about sharing files. BearShare is a popular download program used by millions of people. The same as iMesh its owned by MusicLab. Bearshare is also a P2P program and is fully free and legal. Beside downloading you can also buy music, to make sure the file is working well and totally legal to download. BearShare is organized and operates easily. All the files are easy to find and in one click ready to download.


LimewireLimeWire is the most famous program for downloading music. This software does not take much space on the computer and is completely free (the free version). It lets you quickly start downloading music and other files. You can easily search using the built-in search engine and a list of search results appears right away. You choose the file you want and you click the download button, depending of the file size and the internet connection the file is downloaded after a couple of minutes.

Free YouTube to MP3 Converter

freemake video converterFree YouTube to MP3 Converter is one of the easiest download programs made by Free Studio. You dont need to create an account or enter data. Simply download the program and copy the Youtube link of the song or video that you want in the appropriate field, and then the the song will be downloaded. No adware, spyware or unwanted toolbars, only music. There are some disadvantages, it takes a while before a song is downloaded, and the quality of Youtube videos are sometimes is not too good. Beside this you are also depending what files are available on YouTube.


VuzeVuze is a free and very complete package for downloading, playback and converting audio and video. The torrent client (file distribution in small pieces from different sources) is the gateway to a network for file sharing and was before called Azureus. Vuze offers everything you need for creating your own multimedia world. It has its own search engine and will search on different popular torrent sites to find the best search results. Vuze HD Network is an extensive download library filled with music and videos. Once the download is finished, you can convert the files using the Devices function. Then you play audio and video instantly on other devices like your iPhone or Xbox 360.


uTorrentUTorrent is small application for downloading movies, music and other applications through BitTorrent. It is mainly used for sharing large files like movies, software and games. It’s also P2P and has 2 versions, the free and the Pro version. uTorrent has a clear interface with information about the downloads. Also the download scheduler helps you to controll your download activity. With the search engine you will find interesting files, which you can download simultaneously. You can set he amount of available bandwidth for each download. uTorrent has not so many extended options. A nice addition is the ability to play incomplete files while downloading. UTorrent also supports to drag and drop files, so you can drag them in the menu to share them.


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