How To Make Slideshows And Burn Them With Windows DVD Maker

Windows Vista and 7 have the ability to create on an easy way a standard slideshow with music and burn it to CD or DVD without installing a special package or other software. With Windows DVD Maker you can burn video clips and sideshows in one DVD. This is very useful for creating a simple but powerful presentation of your photos.

The slideshow and videos made by Windows DVD Maker are playable in all stand alone DVD players. It’s very nice to watch pictures of your holiday on your TV instead of using your computer. With Windows DVD Maker you can add different menu styles and text before you burn the DVD.

To open the program go to the Start menu and look for Windows DVD Maker. The interface is very simple and complete enough for creating a slideshow. Advanced users prefer Nero or other programs which are more complete.

Windows DVD Maker

You can add WMF movies that are made by Windows Movie maker or other formats and pictures. Use the CTRL key to add multiple pictures at the same time. With the arrow keys you can order the files. It is possible to change the name of the DVD and check how many space is left over for adding more videos and pictures.

Add pictures

On the right lower part select Option to customize the DVD options; playback options, aspect ratio, video format and the burning speed. Select Start with DVD menu to start the DVD with a menu so you can play a video directly. If you have a widescreen TV select 16:9 for the aspect ratio and depending on your area for PAL or NTSC. Pal is used in Europe and NTSC in North America and Asia. Better choose the lowest burning speed to make sure the DVD can play on every player, but it takes more time to burn the DVD.

DVD option

The next window you can choose the menu style.

Ready to burn

Menu styleChange the menu font style in the tab Customize menu and choose the foreground or background video. Click on the Browse button to search for videos on your computer. If you want only music select Menu audio and browse for the songs which you want to add. As the last choose a scene button style from a drop-down list. When everything is finished click on Save as new style and Change style to go back to the main interface.

Click the Slideshow button to add music to your slideshow, the songs can be arranged by using the move up and down button and if there is a song you don’t want then select the item and push the Remove button. The duration time of the pictures can be set between 3 and 30 seconds and there are different transition effects to choose from which can be used between the pictures. It’s also possible to change the slide show length to match the music length and using pan and zoom effects for pictures. When everything is set up then click Change Slide Show.

Slideshow settings

Use the Preview button to see your work before burning it on a DVD and if you’re satisfied push the Burn button and DVD maker starts to encode in the appropriate format and after that start burning to the DVD.

As you can see is making a slide-show with Windows DVD Maker very easy and it has the most important customizing tools. This is enough for home use, advanced users maybe prefer another software with more options.


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