Skydrive In The Cloud 25GB Free Online Storage

Skydrive is an in the cloud service with a storage space of 25 GB, but Microsoft has announced that Skydrive will reduce storage space back to 7 GB. Still it is possible to increase your account up to 25 GB. Google introduced the G-drive which is a similar service as Skydrive but has only 7 GB storage. Skydrive for Windows application you can download to make it easier to drag and drop files and after store online.

Install and download Skydrive for Windows

Create first a Windows Live-Hotmail account if you don’t have one yet. Login with your account details in you Live account and on the upper navigation bar select Skydrive.

Live account

Skydrive makes it possible to create word documents, Spreadsheets, Powerpoint and Onenote which are working the same as Microsoft Office. Those document which you created you can store online or download to your computer. To make it easier to upload and share documents online Windows has a Skydrive application. This program is lesser than 5 MB. On the left bar click on Get Skydrive apps to get this application.

Get Skydrive apps

In the next window you choose your operating system, in my case i used Skydrive for Windows. Click on the Download button to start the download.

Skydrive for Windows

After the download a new window will open with a welcome message, click below on Get Started.

Skydrive welcome

Next the installation wizard is asking to sign in with your Windows Live or Hotmail account.

SkyDrive login

Once you’ve logged in your account the installation wizard is asking where you want to install the Skydrive folder, by default is this C :/ Users / username / SkyDrive. If you prefer another location click on the Change button and navigate to the Windows Explorer dialog box that opens to the desired location.

Once you found the location click on Next. In the last step of the wizard you can specify if the Skydrive folder should be accessible to other devices. If you have multiple computers or other devices this could be a useful option. Click on Done to complete the installation wizard.

Using Skydrive for Windows

After the installation Skydrive is available through Windows Explorer or the icon which is appearing in the System tray. When you right-mouse click on the Skydrive icon you can access the options and settings.

SkyDrive system tray

Normally you will get only 7 GB storage space, but makes it possible to upgrade it to 25 Gb for free. Click in the menu on Manage storage and your browser will open the Skydrive website, probably you have to login first with your Live ID. You see only a storage of 7 GB but if you click on the Free upgrade button, your storage will be increased to 25 GB.

skydrive manage storage

Now you have 25 Gb storage available which is more than enough for the average user, if you need more space you can purchase extra web space up to 100 Gb extra!

Skydrive works the same as Windows Explorer, it provides a number of standard folders and you can add folders as much as you want. The upload size per file has a maximum of 2 GB. Skydrive is available for Windows phone, iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Compared to Dropbox and Google drive, Skydrive has a much more free storage space. If you want to buy storage then Skydrive stops at 100GB while Dropbox and Google Drive have a much higher limit.


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