Skip Advertisements On YouTube for Chrome and Firefox

Everybody noticed already that some videos starts with advertisement and promotional messages when watching a video in YouTube. Those advertisements takes about 30 seconds before you can start watching the video. For many people is this very annoying and most of them wants to get rid of it. When you want to watch 10 videos after each other, it costs you 5 minutes watching advertisements.

There is a simple way to skip advertisements without installing extensions, but this is not always working on every browser. Once the advertisements starts to play refresh the page in less than 5 seconds, you can do this with the refresh button in your browser or simply press the F5 button on your keyboard.

Another way to skip those annoying ads is to install extensions for Firefox and Chrome…

Skip advertisements on YouTube with Chrome

Simply go to the skip YouTube ads extension page and press the blue Add to Chrome button which you can find at the top right corner. A pop-up windows will open asking you to install the extension, click here on Install.

skip youtube advertisements chrome

The file size is about 600 Kb, and the download time is only a couple of seconds, this is depending on your internet speed. After downloading Chrome will install the extension right away. When you go to YouTube, you will see an extra player button. Using this button will skip the advertisement and the video will start to play right away.

YouTube play button

Each time using this button a message displays from the developers asking to purchase the extension. If you’re not interested click Continue to the video.

Skip advertisements on YouTube with Firefox

For Firefox users is also an extension available to skip advertisements on YouTube. Unlike other Firefox add-ons AdBlockVideo will not install automatically. Click on the green Add to Firefox button on the website. Download the .xpi extension file and save it on a well-known folder or desktop.

block YouTube-video-advertisements Firefox

Open Firefox and navigate to Tools > Addons. Firefox addonsClick on the wheel and select Install Add-on from file, search for the folder where your AdBlockVideo file is saved.

install addon from fileRestart Firefox and on the upper right corner you will see a Skip button. If the extension is enabled you can watch videos without the annoying advertisements on several websites.

Firefox video adblock skip button

Also in Firefox appears a message from the developers to contribute for this add-on. AdBlockVideo is free, they only ask a donation for the developement.

Note: AdBlockVideo extension works only with Firefox versions 5-10.




2 comments for “Skip Advertisements On YouTube for Chrome and Firefox

  1. mdlMan
    May 24, 2012 at 7:31 pm

    On Firefox, just created a bookmarklet with the following code in the ‘Location’ field and click on it when presented with an advertisement. Code stripped from extension for Chrome.

    javascript:(function(){if(_t(“video”).length>0){alert(“New html5 template detected, skipping ads may be unstable!”);var dv=_t(“div”);if(dv.length>0){x=dv[0];var i=0;var x=dv[i];while(x.className.indexOf(“video-ads”)<0 && i-1){”none”;}}return;}var s=_e(“watch-player”).getElementsByTagName(“embed”)[0].src;var v=location.href.split(“v=”)[1].split(“&”)[0];var w=location.href.split(“:”)[0]+”://”+v+”&version=3&autoplay=1&fs=1″;var x=_e(“watch-player”).innerHTML;var p=x.indexOf(s);if(p>-1){x = x.substring(0,p)+w+x.substring(p+s.length);}_e(“watch-player”).innerHTML=x;function _e(id){return document.getElementById(id);}function _t(name){return document.getElementsByTagName(name);}})();

  2. Daniel Jackson
    September 14, 2012 at 11:00 pm

    Why on Earth is it not working on this video? :(

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