Setup Tor Vidalia Using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome

TOR (The Onion Route) software allows you to browse the internet anonymous, nobody can track your IP address and location. TOR is a worldwide network of routers, you can compare it with a proxy server, but it is not really a proxy, it’s much better than a proxy server. For Firefox users TOR has a plugin, but Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users have to change the settings all by them self.

First download the Vidalia tor bundle, install it and run the software and wait until it’s connected to a Tor network. Firefox users doesn’t have to change anything, different is it with Internet Explorer and Google Chrome users.

Use Tor with Internet Explorer

First open Internet Explorer and go to Tools and then Internet Options. Select the connections tab and click on LAN Settings. A new window will open and select at the bottom below the proxy server Use a proxy server for LAN… Fill in the field address and in the Port field 8118, this is the port nu

mber of Vidalia. Click advanced and check if the box Use the same proxy server for all protocols is selected. Now click on OK and in the other window also on OK. Refresh the page using the F5 button on your keyboard or close the Internet Explorer and open it again. Now you have to check if you are using Tor, you can check that at On that website you can see a red or a green indicator. Green means you’re using now Tor, the red one means the set-up is not correctly.

Settings for Tor in Google Chrome

For Google Chrome is the settings the same as for Internet Explorer, Google Chrome is using the settings of Internet Explorer. To change the settings in Google Chrome go to Options, a new  Tab will open. Go to Advanced Options and scroll down to Network and select Change Proxy Settings. A new window will open, follow the same steps as above in the settings for Internet Explorer.

Addition but not necessary, if you want to create a Tor button in Google Chrome, install Proxy Switchy! Change the profile name into Tor, or any other name you want. Then do the same as above change the proxy address to and the port 8118. check also the advanced settings if the box Use the same proxy server for all protocols is selected.

Now you can surf anonymous with Tor using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome. Read more how to use Tor to get an IP of a Specific country.



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