Setup in a few steps PPTP VPN on Android

What is VPN and why using it

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network and is a group of computers that allows users to securely access a private network and share data remotely through public networks. A business use VPN for connecting to remote data centers, while individuals use VPN to access the internet secured so they can enter untrusted public networks without any risk. Many are using VPN to access websites which are inaccessible with own IP addresses, because of the access restricted. Others are using VPN to watch streaming content which are forbidden to watch outside a certain country.

Connect Android to PPTP VPN in a few steps

Connecting your Android Phone to a VPN network is not difficult and everybody can do it. Android has a build-in VPN connection tool. All you need is a free of paid VPN service to start your connection.

The following you need to have for setting up your connection:

  • VPN server address
  • Username
  • Password

Now tap on your Android on the settings icon and  select Wireless & Networks there you select VPN settings.

setup 1


Next, select Add VPN and Add PPTP VPN.


setup 2

In the next screen enter in the fields:

VPN Name – The name you want to give to your new VPN network.

Set VPN Server – The address of your VPN server.

Enable Encryption - Should be enabled as default.

DNS Search Domains – This is only needed if you have to use DNS servers.

setup 3


Save your settings and go to your VPN settings window. Here you see your new connection, tap on it to start the connection. A small window will open to enter your Username and Password. Fill in your details and tap connect. Once you are connected to your VPN network you will see on the top of the screen a key icon…

Key icon


Now your Android phone is using the VPN network!

Disconnect PPTP VPN

You can disconnect your VPN network in 2 ways:

  • Pull down the notification bar and select Disconnect.
  • In the VPN settings select Disconnect.



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