Send Fast Email Without Using Your Webmail Or Email Client

If you want to send fast an email and don’t want to open your web mail in the browser or the web client, Instalmailer is a perfect solution. This is a very small program which doesnt have to be installed on your computer, so you can save the file on your memory stick and use it on any computer.

Maybe you have sometimes a situation where you want to send quick an email to a friend, Instamailer can sent an email using your Gmail or Hotmail/Live account. You just open the small program select Gmail or Hotmail, write the message and sent the email without opening the web browser.

Install Instamailer

Download Instamailer Zip file, extract the file to a well to remember location, make a shortcut of the Instamailer.exe file and copy it to the Desktop so you can access the program quick and easy at any time. The installation is nothing more than extracting the file and then you can execute the file. The purpose of this program is that it should be accessable on an easy way, the shortcut should be placed on a place which is the easiest way for you.

Using Instamailer

There is nothing difficult with Instamailer, it goes almost the same way as using your webmail or emailclient.

First choose the mailservice Hotmail/Live or Gmail which you like to use and fill in all the fields:.

  • Mailfrom – Your email address
  • A/C Password – Your password which you use for logging in your webmail.
  • SMTP server and the port number – This will be filled in automatically by the program.
  • Mail to – Type the email address of the recipient.
  • Mail subject.
  • Mail Message.

Instamailer interface

Click Send and your message will be sent without opening a browser. A pop-up window opens telling you that the message is sent successfully.

Instamailer sent

Instamailer is a good and easy working program for computer users who wants to send quickly short-mails (without attachments). The advantage with Instamailer is that you don’t have to log in to the appropriate mail service, you can definitely save some time. For safety reasons there is no contact list and the contacts won’t be saved and this could be a problem if you can’t remember the email address of a person. A disadvantage I notice is that it can’t be used for Yahoo! accounts, and for sure many Yahoo! users are disappointed. Hopefully this will be solved in newer versions.

Compatible with: Windows8 – Windows7 (32 and 64-bit versions) – Vista (32 and 64-bit versions)

Instamailer download
Instamailer download
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