Seamonkey Free Software Including Browser, HTML Editor, Email And IRC Client

Seamonkey logoSeamonkey, before called Mozilla Suite, is an Open Source total package of the Mozilla Foundation. This complete package includes a mail and news program, HTML editor, IRC client and a browser. Actually, Mozilla Suite brought back the good things from Netscape. Later on came Firefox, Thunderbird and Kompozer. The SeaMonkey package contains all the components.

The development of the Mozilla Suite was discontinued after the success of Firefox and Seamonkey took it over. With this new name the product developed further. Regarding the latest SeaMonkey the browser looks the same as the old Netscape Navigator, only there are new icons in use. From inside SeaMonkey it is more like Firefox.

Seamonkey Browser

The SeaMonkey browser has more or less the same features as Firefox. It uses the same code and supports some Firefox plug-ins. However, Firefox has an integrated search bar, which is user-friendly and looks a bit cooler. The email client use the same code as Thunderbird. The individual parts of SeaMonkey are also available as Firefox (browser), Thunderbird (mail and news) and Kompozer (wysiwyg html editor). Chatzilla is the integrated IRC client which let you chat on the IRC network.The Composer is an easy to use HTML editor which you are able to resize tables,  make dynamic images, insert and delete table cells. It supports position layers and CSS.

It is a big advantage that you can install several tools in one set up wizard which save a lot of time during installation. It is an Open course software which is made by volunteers and is free to use. The browser and mail client are easy to use, the HTML editor is for beginners still difficult to use. Seamonkey is available for Linux, Mac, Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Seamonkey mailcompose



  • The browser has an Add-on Management which gives Seamonkey lots of possibilities.
  • It has tabs to surf different sites at the same time without leaving the first site. The Smart Location Bar you can easier and faster enter old visited pages.
  • Different themes available.
  • The pop-up blocker you have no more interruption during browsing the internet.
  • With the Image Manager you can speed up web sites by blocking images.
  • Search while you’re typing a page, it makes possible to find a word or phrase within a page.
  • After the browser is crashed it brings back all open windows and tabs.
  • Advanced security settings; Password, Download, and Cookie managers.
  • Web form auto completion, toolbar customization, multi-language and multi-platform support and the latest Web Standards.

Mail & Newsgroups:

  • It allows you to manage mail and folders parallel with the Tabbed Mail.
  • Protects your e-mail against junk mail.
  • Feeds and Blogs is a reader for RSS and Atom feeds right in your messaging center that eases your reading of information from all across the web.
  • In one interface you can add multiple accounts.
  • customizable Tags and Mail Views, with this feature you can manage the Color code. It will sort your email by priority.
  • Seamonkey Mail & Newsgroups includes Enterprise ready features such as S/MIME, return receipts, Address Books, LDAP support, and digital signing.




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