How To Remove Search History In Your Google Account

For a couple of years I’m using already my Google account for services like Gmail, google +, analytics etc. I also found out that Google saves my search history and other information which I’m doing on the web. All the activities will be saved. The reason that Google is doing this, is for advertising and marketing. In fact this market is for Google a gold mine, that’s why it is for Google very important to keep the history. Google will collect all the information of their services and add them together. This is very important for companies to assemble the profiles of the consumers.

I think many people are surprised knowing that Google is collecting the search activities of people. Once you created a Google account your search history will be tracked. Some people are thinking when you remove the history in the browser, thatis will be enough to erase the past. This is not enough, Google’sĀ Search History Service keeps the history of searches in the Google account. And if you are always logged in your Google account, all your search activities will be tracked.

Now comes the question how to remove the search history from your Google account. Actually it is not so difficult, first log in to your Google account and click on Settings on the right corner. If you can’t find it go to (main page), select Products and click on the Web history icon like you see below. Another way is going to your Google history is using the urlĀ



Now you can see a list of websites you searched for. Here is listed everything you searched since you made a Google account. To remove all your history select the check box and select Delete All Web History

Now you are done, your web history is deleted and you won’t be tracked anymore. If you want to be tracked again just enable the Web history.

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