Make Remote Connection Between 2 Computers With TeamViewer

TeamviewerSometimes you want to control another computer somewhere else, either in the house or another place. This could be done easily with TeamViewer, only make sure that the computer is turned on and connected to the internet. TeamViewer makes it possible to have a full control of a remote computer, it looks like you’re in front of that computer and makes it easy to transfer files between two computers. So if you have 2 or more computers in the house and you want to have some files from one to the other computer you just install TeamViewer on both computers. Download TeamViewer from their website, it’s just a small program with a size no more than 5 MB.

Using TeamViewer

Remote Control interface

Once you launched the program you see the remote control interface. Here you can request a connection to another computer, just enter the partner’s ID and click the button Connect to Partner. Next you have to enter the password and  you’re ready to share files.

Enter Password

After you register with TeamViewer an account for each compute, you can immediately see which computer you’re connected. Open the Computers & Contacts screen, double-click the name of the connected computer and a screen opens with the desktop of the remote computer. You must, if necessary, login to the user account on that computer. The desktop background is turned off to save bandwidth, Through View –> Remove Background you can uncheck it, so at least you know which computer you’re using. All the controls within this window is for the remote computer you are using, don’t get confused with your own computer.

You can perform all tasks on the remote computer like you are doing normally with your own computer. Maybe it’s sometimes a little slower before you execute a task, this depends on the connection speed between the computers. If a printer is connected to the remote computer you can also perform a print.

One way Remote control

In this way you can easily perform tasks on a computer which is located somewhere else. This is also useful to help other people to solve computer problems remotely. In this way you only need a single connection. The remote computer goes to the TeamViewer website and download the Join Remote Control Session file. After installation, the person using the remote computer has to give the ID number and password, which makes it possible to make only once a connection to the remote computer. For safety reasons you can’t use you password anymore after the session ends and its also not possible make connection again.

Create Meeting


You can exchange data, send large files and chat with each other if two computers are connected. To create a meeting from one computer to another click on the Meeting tab to open the Meeting interface, enter the ID and your name to start a meeting. Unlimited number of people can join, and it gives you all the privileges to share files, start a conference call, make a VOIP or video call.


TeamViewer is one of the easiest programs to make contact between different computers. Normally TeamViewer is a commercial program, but for non-commercial use you can use the full free license. Once you have a TeamViewer account you can register different computers, so you can always contact easily with the other computer. There are more free VPN (virtual private network) programs available to make connection with other computers, but this more than only web conferencing.


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