Recover Deleted Files From Your Computer With Recuva

Recuva logoNormally when you delete a file on your computer it will end up in the recycle bin. The removed file will stay there for a while untill you decide to remove it for good, and if you want you can restore it back again so nothing happened. For sure you will empty your recycle bin regularly and sometimes you’re too fast and then remember you still need that file.  It is also possible that you lost the file because your computer crashed or infected by a virus.

The creators of the popular cleaning program CCleaner also has an excellent file recovery application created called Recuva. With this freeware program you can get files back which are accidentally thrown away. Even formatted partitions can be retrieved, only if it is not overwritten by new files. Recuva is very easy to use!

Recuva scan overview

Recuva offers the possibility to recover files that it has found such as music, documents, photos, videos. The program can also run from a USB stick, so it will not accidentally overwrite lost files.

Useful is when you start the program with the Recuva Wizard, you can search for specific file types such as photos, images, music (MP3), archives, video, documents or simply all files. It makes it possible to specify where you want to search, at least if you know where to search. Recuva can give a preview of some files. It’s also possible to find mail from Outlook Express and Windows Mail which you throw away.

Recuva thumnails

If there are not enough search results or it didn’t find the lost file, you can enable Comprehensive Scanning at the last step of the Wizard. This scan will take much longer time, go to Advanced Mode –> Options –> Actions –> Detailed Scan.

Recuva can also find data on external hard drives, digital cameras, USB sticks, smart media cards and more. The interface is clear  and easy to use and is  available in multiple languages. Recuva is a freeware software which means free of use. You can make a voluntary donation to Recuva, to thank them for using the program.





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