Record Voice Calls With Skype Auto Recorder

Almost everybody is using Skype already, still some people doesn’t know what Skype is. Skype is a telephone network which you can make voice and video calls over the internet and calls to telephone companies all over the world. Making video and voice calls by the internet is for free, calling someone to telephone or mobile phone Skype will charge you a little amount compared with the regular telephone company. Skype also make it possible to make a call offline, play games and has add-ons for Outlook and Facebook.

Skype Auto Recorder

Skype Auto Recorder makes it possible, like normal phone calls, to make silent recording of Skype conversations and will be saved in MP3 format. There are already many programs which makes it possible to record voice, music or streams from the internet, some are free, some are paid. Skype Auto Recorder is free to use. As of now this programs runs only under Windows but makes it possible to record any specific contact. Skype Auto Recorder record silent in the system tray when you make a call with Skype. If you don’t  like to record from a certain contact then you can change that in the settings.

 How to use Skype Auto Recorder

You can download here Skype Auto Recorder from the official website. It’s only a small program lesser than 2 mb. Once you downloaded the Zip file, extract it in a folder and open the executable file called Skypeautorecorder.exe.

In the system tray you see the icon of Skype Auto Recorder waiting for a call to record. Click the right-mouse button on the icon and select Settings, a window will open.

In the settings windows you can specify some filters:

  • In the field Filter select the contacts separated by a comma
  • In the field Record conversations to enter the output folder, the {contact} will be replaced with login of contact who are speaking win you and {date-time} is the date and time of starting conversation (in format “yyyy-MM-dd”).
  • Don’t  record conversations with contacts fields you enter the names of contacts which you don´t want to record.

It’s also possible to increase the volume of the recorded file. The option Autostart means if you want to start Skype Auto Recorder when Windows starts.

Don´t forget to allow Skype Auto Recorder to use Skype, this will be asked in Skype.

Features or Skype Auto Recorder

  • Recording conversations to MP3.
  • Possibility to increase sound volume of the record.
  • Doesn’t require any actions from user except initial configuration.
  • Silent work in tray with auto connect/reconnect to Skype.
  • Filters for recording contacts or group of contacts to different files.
  • Possibility to record all calls regardless of specified filters.
  • Possibility to exclude contacts (“black list”) so their calls will never be recorded.
  • Support of patterns in the output file names.
  • Optional autostart with Windows.



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