Make Presentations With Prezi, A Replacement For Powerpoint

preziPrezi is used for making presentations. It’s online software which is an alternative for Microsoft Powerpoint. The software is easy to use and has many features and flexibility. The basic features in Prezi are free to use.

Go to and create an account and then you can see on the website the offers which are free or not. For trying the program you choose first the free version. In the free version all the presentations you created will be stored on In this way the presentations are public and others can see them.

Using Prezi


After you created your account you can go to the Learn tab to get 3 instruction videos how to use Prezy.  This is recommended when you use Prezi for the first time. With the Explore tab you can view presentations from others , so you will have an idea what the possibilities are. Another option is to start immediately creating a presentation. On the top you see the tabs Learn and Explore so you can always search for the instruction videos and the database with the presentations.

3 lessons are telling you step by step how to use Prezi:
Lesson 1 – Move, set to scale, rotate, zoom in and out, order of your presentation.
Lesson 2 – Making frameworks, make your presentation into groups, bring text or images to the foreground or to the background.
Lesson 3 – Invite someone to view or edit, publishing or uploading your presentation.

Learn Prezi

With Prezi you can make a good layout. The software has its own color scheme so you can give the presentation your own style. The order of presentation is easy to adjust and you can simply add photos and videos. On the upper left corner you will find Bubble, this is a toolkit where you can find all the tools which are needed to make a presentation. Also Zebra, a striped cursor,  is an important part of the software which allows you to move and edit certain parts.

Some features

Video and Flash

You can easily add YouTube videos in Prezi, the only thing you have to do is copy the URL into the software. Another tool is to combine text and graphics with each other, use the zebra to drag one on top of the other. Flash animations and fragments you can also use with Prezi.

Theme Wizard

With the theme wizard you can create your own template. Make your own color scheme and select fonts from the wizard’s font library


Using the frames you can determine how and when the various components in the presentation should return. By placing the frames to individual elements you can determine how the elements are shown in the presentation.

The free version of Prezi has the disadvantages that you will see a Prezi logo on the presentation and it will be saved on the website which is public accessible. If you don’t want your presentation in public then you have get the paid Enjoy version, which has a private storage and makes it possible to create your own logo. The Pro version features extra to make offline presentations.

If you don’t have secrets, you can make easily and quickly beautiful and flashy presentations with the free version of Prezi which looks slightly different from those made by PowerPoint. PowerPoint projects can be imported into Prezi. For people who are tired of PowerPoint, Prezi is a recommendation.



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