Play and Record Internet Radio With InLight Player

Inlight Radio is a player for listening and recording streaming music on the internet. This player has more than 17.000 radio station in his database. It has a 14 different spectrum analyzer and can be modified with the left and right mouse click. The Pro version offers track lyrics if they are available. The Pro version has more features than the free player and costs $14.99. The Pro version includes a Media Player to play your files on your computer, Dvd etc. Another extra in the Pro version is the inLight Radio Remote, that is a simple remote control for playing and recording the stations.

Back to the free version, I will show how to use the free version of inLight Radio. First of all download the application at the end of this article, it doesn’t take much time, because the software is only a few MB.  After the download install the application in the directory where you want to install it. InLight radio is running with Windows .net framework, if you don´t have it yet on your computer, the software will ask you to install it. Windows .net framework requires only 17 MB of your disk space.

After the installation start to run the application, and you see the main screen. You see here left on the top the name of the channel, song name, website name and the stream speed. On the right side you can search channels by name, country, genre and language. In the middle you see the list of all channel names, there are more than 17.000 channels listed. On the lower part you see 8 buttons, from the left to the right: Start button, Previous channel, Next channel, Record button, Favorites, Mute, Options and the Exit button.

To start to listen to a channel just double-click a station that you like and it starts to play. If you want to listen to another channel just double-click on a channel. Nice with this plays is that it has Radio out. that means that the music will fade out when you change channel. For recording music just push the record button and it starts to record, if you want to stop just click the same button again. The default directory the file will be saved is the inLight Radio\recordings folder.

If you select a channel and click the right mouse button, a pop-up windows will open and you have some more info:

  • Play
  • Select a source, from what link you want to listen your station
  • Save the channel to your favorites.
  • View station on the  Website.
  • Details, here you can change some settings like title, genre, description, country and Language.

Some settings of the player can be changed by choosing options (second button from the right). After you select this button a pop window will open and you can change the settings General, Display, Theme, Recording and advantages. In the Theme tab, the colors can be changed of the background, font, lyrics window, spectrum and more. In the Recording tab you can change the folder to save your recorded music. The file will be saved in MP3 format.

InLight Radio has a 14 different spectrum analyzer and can be modified with the left and right mouse click.

This software supports MP3 streaming from Shoutcast, Icecast, WMA and AAC , it also support OGG Vorbis streaming from Icecast.

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  1. Joe T.
    January 14, 2013 at 1:48 pm

    This is the best internet radio on the web. All features work as said on the products page 5 stars thank you.

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