How to use Pinterest Step By Step Tutorial

Pinterest is a new social media launched in July 2011, and is already in a short time very popular like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. In Pinterest is a pin board where you can share images which are found on the internet, for entrepreneurs is Pinterest also very interesting because you can advertise your product for free.

Join Pinterest

Go to and make a new account. You can login with your Twitter or Facebook account or click on Request an Invitation and fill in your email address. After one day you will receive a confirmation email with a link which you can sign in Pinterest. Once you confirmed the email, you can login with you pinterest account.

Setup profile

Select on the main page your interests and click on Follow People. Select the people you want to follow and click Pinboards. Here you can add items which you want on your pinboard like Favorite Places & Spaces and Products I Love. You can add and remove items on your pinboard, after this select Create button. The next page is about the Pin It button, drag the Pin It button to your Bookmarks bar of your browser. Once installed in your browser, the Pin It button lets you grab an image from any website and add it to one of your pinboards. Once you found a website you click on the Pin It button in your browser, a new windows will open and you can add images you like to share in pinterest.

On the main page at the top you see your name, when you move over your name a drop down menu will appear. here you can find new friends, add friends, view your boards and pins and change your settings. In the Boards field you can edit your boards, here you can edit the title, add the description and change the category. In the Settings you can edit your profile settings.

Use Pinterest

At the right side of your homepage you see the people you are following, you can click on one of the names to view their homepage. If you want to search on their homepage for a pinboard go the search bar and fill in a keyword, after that select boards on the top (see below). If you found a nice image you can repin it to your board, just roll-over the image and select Repin. You can add this image to your existing board or create a new one and if you like the pin you can push the Like button. On the top of your homepage you can see how many Like pins you have made.

Find friends from other social networks

When you go to your name on top on the homepage and select Find friends, you can search friends from Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Gmail or invite them by email. Unlike Facebook, which is more a private social media, in Pinterest you can invite everybody, it is public where everybody can view and share it.

Add pins in Pinterest

Beside the About button on the right top of your homepage you see an Add button, here you can add pins from a website, just enter the website name and you will see the pins. It’s also possible to upload pictures from your hard disk or create a new board.

With the Pin It button in your browser you can add also pins from a certain website, just visit a website and click on Pin It. Although Pinterest is made for sharing images, it’s also possible to add videos. Adding videos will be done in the same way as images.


Use Pinterest for promoting your Product

Pinterest is a perfect place to promote your product. Companies who have a product to promote they can add pictures of their product and add a description, other people can repin those products again.

Pinterest Follow button for blog or website

Pinterest provide different style of Follow buttons to share Pinterest on your blog or website. The button connects your blog/website to Pinterest, the same way as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. To get the Follow button, go to About section and select the Pin It Button then scroll down to Follow Button for Websites. Choose your favorite button and copy the code and paste it on your blog/website. Addition there is a Pin It button, this will allow your visitors to pin your products onto Pinterest.

 Pinterest Video

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