Photosynth App: Make A Panorama Photo With Your iPhone

Microsoft PhotosynthIf you ever tried to create a panoramic picture, then you know also that it is very difficult and takes a lot of time. Microsoft Photosynth for iPhone makes it possible to create a 360 – degree picture. It’s not difficult and the result looks very nice.

With the interactive capture mode, you see your panorama comes alive while you’re making pictures. You can take photos in all directions, creating a full 3D panorama. The processing of the pictures into a panorama will be done on the iPhone. You can zoom in on your panorama, look around and share them with others through Facebook. This can be done as a separate picture or as an interactive panorama. You can also view in full-screen on Microsoft’s

The viewer sees a 360-degree photo that looks similar with Google Street View, but this time you take the picture by yourself. There is no technical knowledge needed and it requires only little time. The panorama photo will be created automatically in the iPhone app. These photos are not just edited together, it include also lens correction. The viewer can look around in the picture like he is standing in that place. If you don’t have an iPhone then try Windows Image Composite Editor. Here you can combine your photos, which are taken with your own camera, into a panorama.

How to use Photosynth app

Browse to and create a new account. This is not needed for using your iPhone app, you need it for sharing to Facebook or other social networks. Sending by email is also possible without registration, but the person that received it can’t look around. The free Photosynth app for iPhone is available in the App Store. Start the Photosynth app and click anywhere on the screen to create your panorama. Make sure your phone is moving slowly and stable. Move the phone as much as possible around its own axis. You can also go up and down with the phone to get the best result. During the creation of the panorama the app is showing a few tips. Just read it and try to experiment with it. The pictures are created automatically when the app finds an image overlap. Click the Finish button to save your panorama photo.

Photosynth iphone

Your panorama photos can be viewed directly on the iPhone by moving your fingers on the screen. Click on the screen and choose Share –> for uploading to the internet. Go with your computer to and login to view, manage and share your panorama photos. Add the photo first at before sharing the image through Facebook or email.


The panorama photo looks like you’re using Google Streetview, click the right-mouse button and movie with your mouse over the panorama to change the view.


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