Paint.NET: Photo Editing Software With Layers

Paint-NETProbably is Adobe Photoshop the most well-known software for editing photos, this is not free to download. There are many alternatives which are free such as Gimp, Picasa, XnView and Paint.NET. But Paint.NET is a freeware, you can download and use it and don’t have to pay for it.

Paint.NET is a program for editing photos, it has much more features than Microsoft Paint which comes together with windows. With this program you can easy work with layers. For example, you can compile a picture consisting different layers or add text in a separate layer. Using transparent makes it possible to create simple variations in the final image.

Download and install

Paint.NET runs under Windows with the Microsoft. NET framework and the system requirements are low. The software you can download from Paint.NET. The Zip file is very small and it contains an exe file which can simply start the installation.

The Interface

The interface consists several parts. In the title bar (1) you can read the name of the file. Below that there is a menu (2) and the toolbar (3). Top right you will see thumbnails of the images which are open (4),  and in the middle is the real photo (5). The tool bar (6) you can drag to another place. In the color picker (7) select foreground and background colors. There is also a history (8) and a palette for the layers (9).


Open files

The File menu will open and create files. The thumbnails of the opened files appears on the right. When you move the mouse pointer over a thumbnail, the close button appears. Not only miniature, but also the open file will close. You can also transfer files directly from camera or scanner. This can be done using the command New –> Acquire –>.


In the toolbar are 22 tools, most of them are familiar. When you select a specific tool, appear at the top in the options bar the settings which you can use for that tool. With some tools appears in the options bar the related tools. In order to have more space, you can hide the tool bar. With the F5 button it will show up again immediately.

Features of Paint.NET

  • Low system requirements and small installation with still many opportunities
  • Support for most common file formats like png, bmp, jpeg (jpg), poison, tiff and tga. And a proprietary file format pdn, for storing the image layers.
  • Support of ‘layers’, working in multiple layers in the image.
  • Functions for image editing such as: brush, lines, basic shapes like square, circle, erasers, gradient coloring, surfaces colors, add text and so on.
  • Image dimension and adjust resolution, rotation of the image.
  • Cut and paste images or some parts of it.
  • Adjusting color and brightness / contrast. Conversion to black / white or sepia.
  • Various kinds of effects filters: remove red-eye, sharpen images, or correct blur and many opportunities for warping the image.
  • Many free plugins for additional effects.



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