Rip And Convert Copyright Protected DVD With WinX DVD Ripper

get Winx dvd ripper platinumWinX DVD Ripper is a nice tool to convert or rip DVD’s to other formats such as AVI. The interface is user-friendly and the programs is very powerful. With this program you can rip a copyright protected DVD and get rid of the format limits. It is possible to convert the whole movie and if you want you can trim a certain part of the movie or convert simply a part or chapter of the movie.

Open Source Software Ubuntu, Operating System For The Future

UbuntuAlmost everyone is using Windows operating system, most new computers and laptops comes with Windows. But there is also a free Open Source available called Linux Ubuntu, this is for those who has problems with Windows or you want to try something new. You can try Ubuntu first by burning a version on a disc which will run if you put it in the CD player from your computer. You can also install Ubuntu as a dual-boot. Then you can choose whether you are running Windows or Ubuntu. And later on you can install Ubuntu permanently and remove Windows.

Artweaver Free Photo Editing Software

ArtweaverIf you are looking for photo editing software, probably you noticed there are many available. Some are free and other you have to pay for. Artweaver Free is one of the programs which can compete with Photoshop and Gimp and is suitable for both beginners and advanced users. Beside the Artweaver free there is also a paid version, but the free version is already enough for the average user. It has many tools such as brushes, colors and working with layers.